Sport betting: Value betting strategy

Sport betting: Value betting strategy
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Sport betting: Value betting strategy

Value betting is a strategy that allows bettors get profit over the long term. In most cases, bets are made on outsiders. The strategy is in stark contrast to the rest, it differs by the fact that it is based on mathematical calculation, and the team’s strength and achievements don’t matter at all. The team’s and players’ state also don’t matter; odds – that’s what the primary emphasis is placed upon. Value betting is when the odds exceed mathematical possibility of a win.

Sport betting: Value betting strategyTo make this strategy work it’s necessary to look for matches with overrated odds (usually on outsider team). Setting odds is a quite tedious process. Many factors are taken into account while making odds, including informal information, which often doesn’t reach bettors. That’s why many bettors can think that the odds are set by mistake.

Only well prepared bettors can use the Value Betting strategy. Experience in making bets and analyzing the forthcoming event are the main principles that have to help bettors to master this strategy. It’s extremely important to know the forthcoming event not worse than bookmaking specialists. That’s the only way one can guarantee getting profit from bets.

Value betting strategyTo determine a bet that can be done according to the mentioned strategy, we’ll have to fall back on math, in particular on probability theory. There is a rather simple formula, which allows to determine “value” of the bet. Here is how it looks: odd 1 divided to possibility. Put simply, we need to find a mistake of bookmaking analysts. Determining % of possibility of expected outcome of the sport event requires hard work. It’s necessary to gather maximum of information about the team and separate sportsmen. Analysis of the gathered information will allow determining possibility of win or losing of the team in the forthcoming competition. If the odd that we get during calculations is more than 1, one can easily say that we can apply the Value Betting strategy.

Big odds are more often overrated. That happens because bookmakers want to draw bettors’ attention to certain bets. However, practice shows that rather low odds are also overrated. Overrated low odds are pretty rare, which cannot be said about high odds, which are very common.

Following this strategy will definitely lead to getting profit, but we should mention that it will not happen soon. Statistics shows that following the Value Betting strategy will allow to get average profit approximately after 500 bets. You need to be a rather self-contained bettor in order to see “the light at the end of the tunnel”.

Value betting From psychological point of view, this strategy is not for all bettors. Many of them are simply scared of playing with high odds, because they consider them no-win right from the beginning. That’s why before starting betting it’s necessary to think over your decision. In such bets it’s important not to pay attention on the size of the odds, and to take into consideration only the fact that only “valuable” odds have to be considered. It’s important to understand that the profit will form of % of bookmaker’s odds’ deviation, of possible set of events.

In order to make the Value Betting strategy bring real income, you need to learn not to look at odds, but to see through them. The ability to distinguish overrated odds will allow choosing those lines that will fit to this strategy, of all the lines that the bookmaker offers. You shouldn’t forget that profit from these bets will not appear momentarily. You’ll be able to feel the taste of victory only after some time. Only plenty of bets will allow getting desired profit of your activity. That’s why impatient bettors shouldn’t even try to use this method of betting, because it will only lead to loss of finances.

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