Sport betting – time-match strategy

Sport betting – time-match strategy
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Sport betting – time-match strategy.

When sports books first started working they could not offer a big variety of bets. Times had changed and it became obvious that it is necessary to give an option for betting on a bigger amount of events by the bigger variety of bets to keep people interested.
The time-match bets had only became available recently but gain popularity among bettors.

The main point.

Sport betting – time-match strategyIt is necessary to predict the first time outcome and the whole match outcome to get the prize. Generally, we’re talking about football, and tennis sometimes.
It’s safe to say that it’s not so tricky to forecast the football match outcome, as the any other two-event bet, but the odds are usually much higher if the team is not an obvious favorite.
That is the main reason for using the time-match strategy.
Professional bettors say, provided with experience, that equal rivals usually draw and an obvious favorite wins in the first time.

You can blow up the prize greatly by betting on time-match, and use a couple of strategies combined to gain the profit in such bets.
Let’s take a Real Madrid and Manchester City game with big

outcome odds as an example. The first team winning is 2,45 and the other is 3,2.

Betting on favorite.

We can bet on 2,45 if we believe that hosts are going to win, and use the time-match bet in this team’s favor.
Generally, a sports book does not give big odds for a W1W1 as favorite wins in 70% of cases it won the first time.
The same 100 dollars we could bet on Real Madrid winning we can divide in such ratio – W1W1 – 63 dollars and 37 for XW1.
Your prize will exceed the prize if betting on winning and you will have some kind of insurance in addition.
It is important to remember that winning depends on assessing the teams’ chances correctly. If you’ve mistaken whine conducting your analysis you are definitely getting no prize at all.

Betting on draw.

If you have found strong arguments for the draw as an outcome after a match analysis, you can bet either on W1X or XX or W2X, where W1 – it is first team or player, X – it is draw.
If the W1X or W2X plays your prize will be greater than if you betted on draw, and if the XX wins, it might be a bit less but you won’t lose anything anyways.
It must be noted that such a strategy is not completely safe. The result depends on statistical data and knowing the teams’ abilities a lot. Usually beginners lose both of the bets.
Betting on non-favorite is double-risky. Such bets are only for those who are experienced enough and with great sport knowledgebase.
Some sports bookies offer the time-match bet for tennis, too, but only for finals and semi-finals in big tournaments. Of course, the odds are not that big, but it is much easier to predict the outcome as it depends only on bettor’s experience.

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