Sport betting: The Danish betting system

Sport betting: The Danish betting system
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Sport betting: The Danish betting system

You need to find good bookmakers where to bet, where to make bets on sport. Danish system is a financial strategy which was called you can understand how it happened. Denmark has become a country of origin system, which is now used by players around the world, in sport betting. Perhaps that’s where some of the players came up, how else can you increase the percentage of breake-even for the bettors. It is possible that the author is so loved his country, which has called the strategy in her honor, can not he just wanted people to remain anonymous when betting on sports.
But the important thing is not it, and that it works quite well, otherwise I would not had widespread popularity in professional circles.

Sport betting: The Danish betting systemThe principle using of the system is somewhat similar to Martingale. There also needs to increase after each loss the bet amount, but in addition, the player is required to put on a bigger factor. Once a bet to play, you can return to the starting position.

How to bet on sports? This system belongs to the progressive, the player must increase in proportion to the amount and the coefficient, but to start is to determine what will be the size of the first rate, the number by which will increase its size and the very factor.

The Danish betting systemAcceptable after winning previously accepted values ​​change, if it allows the bank. In practice, it is clear that after the end of the cycle the person remains in positive territory, but this strategy is only applicable when playing the odinarah, should pick up in the expression of very different ways to regulate the bank.

As an example, we can consider the following scenario:

We are starting to play at the original rate of the dollar, with bookmakers offering us a factor of 1.5. Step increase in the loss is equal to 0.5. If we lose the bet, then the following should be a factor of at least 2, and the amount will be two dollars. If you lose again, the coefficient of 2.5, the rate of $ 3, $ 4, and then the ratio of 3.

To summarize, we spent $ 10, and a profit of 12, thus winning amount was $ 2. Accordingly, when a large bank, this amount will be much higher.
If we compare this system with Martingale, then it is less risky, but it has disadvantages. Any player knows that the higher the ratio, the less chance of a successful outcome for him. Moreover, to find a match with a high rate that bookmakers offer and who could play the way you want is not always possible.
Have the system and its advantages. For example, the possibility that you will sooner or later utknetes to limit maximum established office is minimal, and the winning amount is increasing, while the profits of the Martingale system is the starting rate.

Good luck in your bets!!!

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