Sport betting: Tennis match analysis’ rules

Sport betting: Tennis match analysis’ rules
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Tennis match analysis’ rules
Before tennis betting you need to determinate where to bet on tennis. Second, If you want to make a successful tennis match predictions you should analyze its components thoroughly.

The main factors defining the predictions are

  • The tennis players’ physical characteristics.

Sport betting: Tennis match analysis’ rulesThe physical condition of players is the most significant factor for a tennis match analysis. Tiredness of a player can affect the match outcome no matter how high his ratings are. A striking example is David Ferrer’s performance in London final game: he lost his power during the weeks before it because of tiredness so he lost 3 matches of the group tournament.
You should examine the players’ physical condition for making accurate forecasts. The easiest thing is to predict detoration of the least powerful players such as

Richard Gasquet or Radek Stepanek. More tough players, such as Nadal, Ferrer of Fognini, tiredness during the game is less predictable.

Putting together players’ physical characteristics is pretty tough but making accurate match analysis is impossible without it

  • Defining a player’s current physical condition.

You have to define the physical condition of the player accurately to make a successful forecast. You should watch the matches regularly and analyze the complexity of each one of them and the player’s physical level shown in it. You cannot use statistical facts alone – you are going to need the latest information.

  • Watching head-to-head meetings.

Tennis players’ head-to-head meetings statistics is one of the key indicators for a tennis match analysis. Each player has tough rivals that make winning for them more complicated despite of the ratings gap. For example, it’s hard to predict the outcome for sure for the Federer – Nadal, Nadal – Jokovich, Murray – Wawrinka pairs, etc.The reasons may vary – psychological fear, awkward style of playing and so on.

  • Statistical data analysis.

Statistical analysis must be taken into account as it gives lots of information too. For example, high winning percentage showed on the second serve might be the player’s good shape evidence or his opponent’s tiredness as well. Statistical data analysis has lots of aspects so you should take into account all of them.

  • The court cover.

Never forget about the court type while analyzing the tennis match. Most of the tennis players do especially well only on some kind of court cover. Some prefer clay courts, while others choose hard surfaces. There are a few ‘universal’ players that may show good results on both. The cover type should be taken into account in analyzing head-to-head meetings: if a player win their previous matches on a preferable cover, it’ll be harder to predict their performance on some other kind of cover.

  • Physical form’s highs and lows.

Most bettors use a strategy of choosing a player of a good physical condition playing on a preferable cover. That’s why tennis players tend to show various results during the season. For example, such players as Marcelo Granoliers or Nicolas Almagro may not be in a good shape for playing on the hard surfaces they dislike, and then give excellent results on the ground.
Knowing the players’ preferences you get an opportunity to predict the matches’ outcomes more precisely and gain big profits before sports books react to changes of the player’s performance.
The factors above are the main ones and sufficient for an accurate tennis match analysis.

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