Sport betting: S8 betting System

Sport betting: S8 betting System
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Sport betting: S8 betting System

Those who choose sport betting not only as a hobby but as an option for gaining extra money, are in constant search for a strategy that keeps a bank whole and helps to gain profit eventually.
Each professional player’s main goal is providing safety for their money and gaining high profit. If performed accurately, the S8 strategy is it.

Why is express bet so attractive?

Expresses are more attractive for an any bettors, as the total odds are much higher than those for single bet. However, the biggest disadvantage is the winning percentage. If any outcome loses, the whole bet loses as well.
The strategy we are talking about can gain good profit in cases when two or less out of eight matches lose. Sometimes you can get back half of your stake using this strategy even if four outcomes out of five lose.

The main point.

The first thing a bettor should do is to analyse the line and choose eight events which are easy for them to predict. Then eight charts, three matches in each, are made.
For example:
1. 1-2-4
2. 1-3-6
3. 1-6-8
4. 2-3-5
5. 2-5-8
6. 3-7-8
7. 4-5-7
8. 4-6-7
The figures divided by hyphen are numbers of events chosen for making an express.
The amount of stake for each bet is 1/8 out of the whole stake.

Things to remember

Numbering, or the order of putting different events on the same chart, is very important. Lots of bettors do not care much about it and end up losing eventually. Each express should be a combination of the most possible outcomes.
Professional bettors believe this strategy is a bit complicated, and it’s hard to argue with that. Even if average odds for each express are 5,2 and two charts win with the stake amount of 10 dollars, the win is 104 dollars and loss is 80. The 24-dollar profit certainly does not worth all the worry during matches played.
There are no guarantees any of bets is going to win or even two of them are going to.

So practicability of the method is controversial in these cases:

– if you’re a newbie;
– if you are bad in choosing events;
– if you have nothing to do with statistics or analysis.

The system’s advantages.

Despite of the obvious disadvantages, there are certain pros too, such as a chance of regaining the half of bank or win the money back.
If calculating the stake amount and the win seems complicated there are special calculators free for use online.
It is necessary to say that there is still no strategy for steady profit guaranteed. Each method has a bit of risk. It’s up to the bettor to choose the strategy or not to use one.

Some prefer betting with singles and getting 70% growth of the bank. It might be the easiest way of gaining profit, but as inexperienced bettors have small percentage of accurate predictions, they still have to search for ways of providing the bank safety as well as raising money.

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