Sport Betting: Row of numbers betting strategy

Sport Betting: Row of numbers betting strategy
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Sports Betting: Row of numbers betting strategy

Main question for each bettors – where to bet and how to bet. One more question is best strategy for betting. One of the strategies of the world’s sports betting is the “number of numbers.” It refers to the number of progressive policies where there is a basis for a permanent increase in our rates. But many feel that it is copied from the famous Martingale strategy, but it is not. The main difference lies in the fact that it has a more moderate and win after a defeat is not always cover the entire loss on a bet. This is one more plus, since there is not necessary to increase the bank doubled after the defeat, and to do all bets gradually.

Row of numbers betting strategyRow of numbers strategy can be controlled according to your desire, but in this case you will have to sweat a little bit and write their own numbers (at a loss in a bet with a bookie) or delete them (in the winning bid).
For example, you want to win 1000 dollars. Choose matches so that the average rate for each bet you stood at 2.0. The probability of winning each bet let 40%, then we have lost bets will be 60%. That is, the losses would be much greater than the winning bets. Do you want to receive 1000 dollars, at each successful $ 50, in the plan.
Now we define our initial bet. We just subtract one from the coefficient and divide by the number desired prize. That is divided by $ 50 (2 (Kf) – 1). That is, in our case, we bet of 100 dollars.

Let us examine these same rows of numbers. On a sheet of paper write our initial series, which will be as follows:
50 50 50 … 50 50, and so we should be recorded only 20 times in 50, for a total of 1000.
Sports Betting: Row of numbers betting strategy
If you win, we cross out the first and last numbers in this series, and if the team played not in our favor, then the end of our existing series assign a single number.
If we make the first bet of $ 50 and lose, then we we finish one number at the end of the series and the next bet is done on the basis of the sum of the first and last numbers in a series, that is 50 + 50 = 100. If we get to beat the bookmaker, then we are the first and last of a series of discarded.

Row of numbersBut like any strategy bets on sporting events, and there is a risk of falling into a losing streak and lose all of our bank, but not quite so rapidly. Increasingly, it depends on how you will make a row of numbers for yourself. Any betting strategy requires an initial test on paper, and only then, in the case of positive results over time, it can be used in a bet with bookmakers.

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