Sport betting: Pursuit betting strategy

Sport betting: Pursuit betting strategy
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Sport betting: Pursuit betting strategy

How to bet, where to bet? We will consider in this pages. Pursuit strategy is one of the widespread strategies among sports fans. If handled properly, they can bring regular income.

Formula for this strategy

Sport betting: Pursuit betting strategyThe point of this kind of bets can be written with the help of a formula. А=(Б+Ан)/(К-1). Where K – odds for the bet. Ан – the lost sum of bets either after the last winning bet or after the first of the overtakings. Б – is a sort of expected number of win money in the final equivalent. In the usual sense, it’s clean profit from a triggering bet.
Now let’s decipher this formula with simple language, which usual people can understand. We need to make a bet on one of the events. If it won, the next bet will be identical to the initial sum. With this strategy, it’s better to try to bet on totals. It’s easier to forecast them with competent analysis of sports events. Choose the most suitable odds for you.

Also, choose a club and a championship, which you trust. Overtakings are usually used for four repeats. If the bet doesn’t win, try to change the team or the event, which the bet is made on. Otherwise, there are risks to lose considerable sums of money. To choose a club correctly, look through the statistics of previous seasons of the championship and make your own notion about teams’ strength and their abilities in the new season.
Overtaking for a draw. Football fans often use overtakings for a draw among their bets. This is very easy to explain. Odds for this outcome are on average around 3. This allows earning good money on correct forecasts on football matches.

Pursuit betting strategyWe’ll explain how this happens on an example. We have to look for those clubs, which most often finish their matches in draws in the tournament bracket. We look through their calendar and count how often they interchange draws with other results.

Let’s assume that we found a suitable team. The odds are equal to three. So, if you bet a dollar, your clean profit will be two. If the result is not guessed, we keep betting on this club, that is we kind of overtake the draw. In this case, it’s necessary to increase the sum of the bet, so that it would return with profit in case of a positive outcome.

As the odds for draws are rather high, everyone can decide for himself, which sum to add when the bet doesn’t win. The bet is usually raised by half or doubled. Remember that after four lost bets in a row you need to reconsider your strategy, or to have a snug sum of money on your account to keep betting. In this case, everyone makes his own decision depending on financial possibilities and betting experience.

Pursuit strategyTake into consideration that for most of clear forecasts the odds are much lower than for draw outcomes. And here we have to count the sum that has to be kept in bank, to be in the game for four rounds in a row, if none of the bets wins. That’s why when we lose, the sum increases many times for such events. Every bettor has to understand that risks raise and responsibility for the lost money will lay on him and not on the bookmaker.
Now we’ll apply the above-mentioned formula to tennis battles. Suppose we bet online during the match. We’ll wait until in one of the games the score will be 15:15. It’s rather common, especially when equal contestants play. We’ll bet 10 dollars. Odds for such event are usually somewhere from 1.9 to 2.2.

The score 15:15 is reached when each player wins one ball at a time. If you see that one of them won two balls in a row and the score became 30:0, then it’s time to double the bet. You have to do so, until the necessary score appears and your bets wins. As you can see, there’s nothing difficult. You need to choose contestants properly. If one is greatly superior to the other in class, then this score may not appear at all during two sets. That’s why there’s always risk – you need to remember that.

You learnt the basic nuances of the strategy of bets called overtakings. You can try all the advised points on practice. Also, you can easily build your own approach, because that’s where a ticket to success is hidden.

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