Sport betting: Over/Under Betting on Individual Player

Sport betting: Over/Under Betting on Individual Player
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Sport betting: Over/Under Betting on Individual Player

At first let’s have a thorough look at the definition of totals betting or as it also often called over/under betting. Actually totals betting means the amount of scored goals or points which teams or players get during the current match. Each respectable bookmaker offers over/under betting. Some of them even suggest lines which include several different totals. Sometimes totals refer not to the general score of rival teams, but to the individual result of one team or player. Further we are going to speak about this type of betting.

Over/under betting on individual team or player can be divided on two corresponding groups:

  • Betting on total results of individual team
  • Betting on total results of individual player

Sport betting: Over/Under Betting on Individual PlayerNow we will discuss more detailed the totals betting on individual player. Like any other total this type presents the sum of points or goals which the player gets in a course of the whole match or of any part of the match. The totals can also be placed on: a number of football bookings, assists, corners, balls out of play and many other criteria. Far not all of the bookmakers offer good action lines, but nevertheless some of them do.

Often bookmakers offer totals betting on the individual player’s goals. Each team has the leaders, who score greater number of goals. We are interested in these players. Betting on them has much more chances to win. Over/under betting has one significant peculiarity which should be necessary kept in mind. If the player on which the bet was placed was not featured in the starting lineup, and even if he anyway took the field, your bets will be returned. That is why before making the bet it is better to find out the information about team’s lineup. This will help to save time and emotions.

Over/under betting on individual players is usually marked by high odds. This provides high profit even if the sum of the bet is low. Such opportunity attracts a great variety of bettors preferring fast profit. But it should be remembered that bets of this type are of high risk. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to make a right prediction. When forecasting totals on individual player it is necessary to take into consideration all possible factors which can influence the result.

Over/Under Betting on Individual PlayerWhen placing totals on a number of corners it is important to consider player’s location on the field and how often he manages make a corner kicks. By no means unimportant to take into account both teams’ manner to play. The way and character of the game will help to make a proper decision. The same concerns other types of totals betting on individual player. The number of scored goals in the course of the match or the time can depend not only on the player, but on the opponents as well. Even experienced sportsman, who made several goals previously, when facing a serious resistance force can score none of the balls and eventually lose.

Player’s performance status, his physical form and health should be necessary considered while forecasting the totals. An injury which was picked up 5-6 months ago can reveal itself and assert influence on the game. Most of sporting events are hold worldwide and the players have to bear long air flights. Climate and time zone changes can influence badly on the player’s health and as consequence on the quality of a game and scored goals.

total Betting Over/under betting on individual player is the type of betting which needs to be thoroughly analyzed, placing them is rather labour-intensive process. Unprepared bettors have a risk to lose their money when making bets like this. It is very important to be attentive and careful while preparing to bet. Even the smallest detail not worthy to pay attention to at other betting types, here may be of great importance and costing the whole input. So here it is that this betting type is more suitable for experienced handicappers, feeling at home with betting and having full understanding of sporting discipline on which they are going to bet.

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