Sport betting: Oscar Grind strategy

Sport betting: Oscar Grind strategy
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Sport betting: Oscar Grind strategy

Let’s Continue the story about financial betting systems, which are used for sport betting. One of them the Oscar grind strategy that allows you to manage by bankroll and get a good profit, as well as some others used in the betting system. She came to us from the world of casinos, it subsequently processed, refined and used on sports betting.

Sport betting: Oscar Grind strategyJust want to note that for beginners, it is not suitable for the simple reason that it is based on the selection of the correct bets, which odds may not be less than two. Usually, beginners try to take small odds that give the bookmakers, because they had already the maximum percentage of the winnings.
To guess the events, the outcome with odds near 2, you need to qualitatively analyze the match and, as a rule, have their own opinion, which is quite different from that operates bookmakers.

When we start we need determinate with our bets. Its amount shall be 1/12 of the Bank, which has a player or even less. We can not risk large sums because a small loosing series will cause a complete loosing of the bank.
For example, consider the first of an amount equal to one hundred dollars. We find a match in which 50 to 50 are confident and more, take a factor of 2, and will bet on this event. If you win, we get 200 dollars, and so we win, we finished.

Oscar Grind strategyIf a loss occurs, the next bet we betting 200 dollars, that is, the previous amount is multiplied by two. And so to act until the bet will not play. Once this happens, our circle is completed, we will begin again.
In the long distance, this strategy is profitable, no matter where to bet on sports, but we need a big bankroll to withstand a series of defeats. But there is an advantage – to run on the maximum limit proposed bookies, using this strategy, it is practically impossible.

In practice, it will not be superfluous to follow some tips that give professional bettors. For example, increase the amount of the original bet if you are not picked up the bank, after a few laps, you should not. So he quickly emptied.

It should be noted that this system is not 100% win, even with minimal risk, you canlost your bank if the quality of your predictions less than 50%.
You need to remember, your bank must be not less than 8 times, betting odds not less than 2, then you can make a profit, but provided that you are a good forecaster.

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