Sport betting: Long-term multiple bets

Sport betting: Long-term multiple bets
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Sport betting: Long-term multiple bets

This kind of bets differs from usual multiple bet. With a usual multiple bet you need to make a forecast for several matches in one round. It starts with four matches, which you bet on.
With long-term multiple bet there are some nuances. You just need to learn them and to use them correctly before you decide to place bets. With this approach you don’t have to make bets every day. First, you have to decide to which football or hockey championships you want to pay your attention.

Among football, you should prefer leading European competitions. As there is always lots of information about them on the Internet and in press. And you won’t have to spend much time to find it. Among hockey, it’s easier to follow the events in NHL and CHL.

Sport betting: Long-term multiple betsThe point of this kind of bets is to make forecasts for games of main favorites of the tournament. For this, you can look through the tournament bracket of the championship from last season or wait for the first five round to pass in the new one, to make your own opinion about each championship, on which you want to earn money.
You need to analyze the results of the games that already took place properly and quickly, in order to be ahead of the game always. You should make bets on matches in which the possibility of one team’s victory is rather high in comparison with its rival.

Long-term multiple betsOdds for such events have to vary from 1.2 to 1.5. This means that bookmakers consider these teams the main contenders for victory in their battles. But this strategy is meant not for one day, but for a long distance.
Suppose you chose a match, in which the favorite is bet upon 1.3. You bet one dollar. If your bet won, you get 1 dollar 30 cents. That is, your profit is 30 cents. In the next match, you should bet 1 dollar 30 cents on the victory of the same team in a match with odds not higher than 1.5.

For example, next time it’s already 1.45. With the next win of your bet, the sum will be 1 dollar 89 cents. That is, during three or four matches the initial bet is doubled. In the longer term, your profit for one season may range from 10 to 35%. It depends on a particular championship, its level of complexity and physical form of those clubs on which the long-term multiple bets are made.

But remember that with any strategy there is a possibility to lose. So you shouldn’t risk all your money at once. It would be better to divide your bankroll into several parts. If you are a beginner, then with 200 dollars on your account you should bet on one outcome 1 dollar. And then even if beginning will be unlucky, you will have a chance to recover your losses more than once. But first, analyze everything again and try to understand where mistake hid in your prediction.

It’s better to place bets on one team, with this approach it’s possible that there will be less failures. When you gain some experience, you can try to increase the number of teams to two. But in each season changes in the camp of teams happen, and this has to be considered too. Nobody can say with 100% certainty that last season’s champion will repeat their achievement in this season too.

multiple betsThat’s why it’s better to wait for the first three games of the new season to pass, in order to know the teams well and to choose the one that you’ll consider leader of this season. Remember that the strategy is meant for the whole season, and it’s up to you to decide when to enter it and when to leave it in time.
You shouldn’t be afraid if the first bet didn’t win. Thousands of sports fans all over the world go through that. Don’t throw yourself to the limits. Sometimes it happens that a team lost one match – and people change their approach at once and choose another club, and make bets on it. Thrashings will never bring positive result and won’t let work out your own methods of behavior in the world of sports bettings, because a top club that failed once can have a long winning series.

Take into account all the changes happening in the team in the course of the season. This will allow lessening risks and minimizing your losses.
Now you know the essential points of this kind of bets and you can apply it in reality. Each bettor can supplement it at his pleasure. Good luck in the fields of fascinating and exciting world of bets!
Good luck in your betting!!!

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