Sport betting: General types of bets

Sport betting: General types of bets
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Where to make bets you must solve. “Modern” bookmaker offices appeared comparatively recently. They can be compared with football for that matter. People played games like it for thousands of years, but there are many differences with the modern version. More and more new rules were added with the course of time, until the game with a ball, liked by so many people has become what it’s like today.
The situation with bookmaker offices is the same. More and more types of bets appeared. Nowadays the bettors are able to make bets however and on whatever. These words are underlined for a reason. The notion “type of bets” has two meanings. On one side, it means how a bettor can place a bet. For example, to restrict himself to one bet, or to make multiple bets. On the other side – outcomes themselves: victory, draw, loss, etc.

General types of bets
Sport betting: General types of betsThere’s no need to explain to anybody how a standard bet works. A bettor chooses an outcome, adds it in his coupon, indicates a sum of money and that’s it, nothing in excess. This is the oldest and the most popular way.
It is not known for sure who thought of grouping bets into one, but without a doubt, all the bookmakers of the world are thankful to this person. The so-called multiple bets allow to unite several bets into one and to get unbelievably high odds.
There is an interesting statistics. For each triggering multiple bet there are about twenty lost ones.

Perhaps, these numbers are a little out of date, but the point is clear – it is unbelievably difficult to make up a winning combination of outcomes.
Nevertheless, we should admit that absolutely all the bettors, experienced ones and beginners, often or seldom, make multiple bets. It is the main type of bets for some bettors. High odds make their job, attracting those who want to snatch a large sum of money.

Little brother of multiple bet is anti-multiple bet. The same method of bets grouping is suggested. But the bettor bets on passing of one outcome and “not passing” of another. It’s a little bit strange, isn’t it?
Probably this type is the least popular. Mostly because one can’t get very high odds here, but a good analyst can say with high certainty what outcome will be, if some outcome doesn’t happen.
Some bookmaker offices, mainly foreign ones can offer other ways of grouping bets according to the same principle. For example, “trixie” is one general bet, consisting of three double combo bets and one triple combo bet, and “Goliath” includes about 250 bets!

Live betting is a privilege given to bettors only by big bookmaker offices. You can bet on some outcome right during the event. It is convenient, because often the situation becomes clear only during viewing.
Odds on live betting always change. Three digits can turn into one in a moment, and vice versa. Bettors often use it. Waiting until the odds become high, they make a bet.

Types of outcomes
As it’s been already said, the number of outcomes on which one can bet is a lot higher, than many people think.
To characterize the first type, we will have to go back to standard bets anyway. In this case, the bettor thinks that it will be one result or another, for example “W1 or a draw”. This situation is quite obvious, that is why one can rarely meet worthy odds. Such bets are often used to “dilute” combo bets.

Handicaps are also not the least popular. As a rule, bookmaker determines a winner and an outsider, and then offers to guess the difference in score.

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