Sport betting: Fixed profits betting strategy

Sport betting: Fixed profits betting strategy
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Sport betting: Fixed profits betting strategy

We know already where to bet, where to make bets? We will discuss about some betting strategy. The system, called fixed profits, very accessible to understand and can be used by beginners when they are betting on sports. Its main essence is that every time the player must count on receiving the same income, no matter what bets he chooses. How to bet on sports? Unlike a simple flat, people do not fix the amount you put on a bet, and the net gain, which expects to receive.

Sport betting: Fixed profitsThe dependence of the coefficient of the amount will be provided in the form of a ratio, which is subtracted from the desired payoff factor minus one. For example, we want to get ten dollars of net profit, with our ratio is two. Subtract one from it and get a unit to which ten dollars and divide. As a result, we have a total of sports betting equal to ten dollars. Quite simply, for every change we have to calculate the coefficient of the amount bet.
It is possible for each group of coefficients that offer bookmakers set their fixed amount, for example, from 2 to 1.9 ten dollars for twenty 1.6-1.8.

When using this strategy, the player must bet on the quality of their forecasts. They provide stable profits over long distances.

Fixed profitsDetermine what office to bet on sports and then, when you feel more confident, to fix the amount. Make it a conditional offer breaking coefficients, then you do not have to spend time every time calculations. If you feel confident more, increase the amount if less reduced.
In the game you can use a fixed amount of income and the amount of the bet, in any case, they will make a profit if you are a good player and can boast of 56% or more events to play well. Remember that the poor quality of the events you will never be in the black, but it’s not just the system.

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