Sport betting: Financial betting strategies

Sport betting: Financial betting strategies
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Sport betting: Financial betting strategies

Financial strategies or bet strategies are designed for managing the bank that bettor makes for staking. The main purpose of each strategy is optimizing the win and minimizing the risk of bankruptcy.

Sport betting: Financial betting strategiesSome professional bettors state that choosing a strategy is even more important than chosing an event for betting, as even 1.01 odds cannot give one hundred percent winning probability, while a strategy prevents bank from turning to zero.
Lots of gaming strategies have been borrowed from financial markets, while others where designed for gambling and been adjusted for using in betting, and some others where created for betting itself.

Professionals tend to recommend using financial strategies not only for betting with an advantage, but for usual betting as well. Choose a proper strategy and stick to it until the result is achieved is all you have to do. That is the only way to prevent big losses and to return money to bank in case of unreasoned bet.

The most popular strategies among bettors are Martingale strategy, Flat or Row of Numbers.
The first two of them were designed for casino gambling. Even if a bettor goes through series of losses, they can still remain on positive territory on long-term interval,

although the bank for using the strategy must be pretty big.
Both strategies imply increasing the stake gradually, that’s why beginners don’t use then often. For Martingale strategy the odds higher that 2 are used, for Flat you can only make total bet or handicap bet.

Financial betting strategiesThese strategies have their cons too, such as high bank requirements, sports book’s restrictions and some kind of inner barrier which is hard for some to overcome.
Some bettors choose not to take a risk and use the Fixed profit strategy, which implies gaining the same prize so the stake amount varies depending on the odds. The main thing here is the accurate outcome prediction so thorough event analysis is particularly important here.

The Bank percent is considered as one of the most reliable strategies which implies choosing some amount of money out of stake for betting on the game. After that the fixed percent out of stake is bet each time another betting is made.
Using Martingale strategy is more risky compared to D’Alembert and Contra D’Alembert ones. The last one is designed for gambling and then adjusted for sport betting. The point is simple. In case of winning one unit is taken out of the stake, in case of losing one unit is added. The odds are 2 or higher. The Financial Management Miller strategy which a professional sports book player once came out with, is quite popular too. It will be hard to work out for amateurs, though, as the main points are odds higher than 1,9 and a 52% right outcomes percentage. Such a strategy is complicated and needs to be discussed thoroughly to get into it.

Financial betting strategies 2Lots of professional bettors have invented their own strategies, just as L.Kelly, whose strategy is well-known all over the world as Kelly criterion, did. All the bettor should do is to get the probabilities right, for calculating the stake amount there is a special formula.

There are some other strategies quite popular among sports books’ players, such as Row of Numbers, Dutch System and Oscar Grind. Each bettor should choose how to bet and how to manage the bank. There are certain restrictions for each one so that it is important to weigh the pros and cons of using particular strategy in a sport chosen, and if a strategy provides any money back guarantees.
Good luck in your bets!!!

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