Sport betting: Comparison of Online and Offline Bookmakers

Sport betting: Comparison of Online and Offline Bookmakers
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Comparison of Online and Offline Bookmakers
No problems where to bet, where to make bets on sport at present day. After the period when the majority of bookmakers appeared on the Internet and provided online services, numerous handicappers have duly appreciated a new kind of service in sport bets.
Previously placing a bet in stationary bookmakers was a long and complicated process. The bettor had to go to BM, fulfill coupon there, and it was very important not to make a mistake in the blank, then he needed to find out the proper line in amount of printouts, save the bet and even if he or she won, sometimes it took up to several days to withdraw the money.
But as it turned out the Internet gives online bookmakers as well as handicappers a number of advantages.
Sport betting: Comparison of Online and Offline Bookmakers

The only advantage of stationary BM is the opportunity of real communication, bettors can meet there and discuss the latest news in sports, take counsel, ask for advice. Generally, stationary BMs are popular among adult people, who can not master the Internet or have not Internet access.


As it was already said there are a lot of obvious advantages of online bookmakers:

  1. Wide choice of BMs. Nowadays there is no problem in choosing bookmakers; there are lots of them on the Internet. The range varies from eminent ones, with more than ten years of experience to ambitious novices, which suggest plenty of offers to attract customers. Unfortunately, there is a chance to come

    across crooks, but luckily they can be easily figured out, there is a list of “unreliable” firms on the Internet.

  2. Live. Even though stationary bookies also have a service of live bets, it is much more comfortable to use online regime for that purpose. The speed with which the bettor can take decision over the bet, gives him indisputable advantage, as in live betting it’s often happens so that all depends not on minutes but on seconds and online bookmakers give an opportunity to win money within short period of time.
  3. The speed of payments. As it was already mentioned, the process of receiving payoffs in offline bookies may take several days, and on the Internet it is usually takes several minutes.
  4. Payment service providers. Some people treat e-payments with caution, but nobody can deny their convenience. The bettor can easily enter or withdraw the money, all he or she needs for that is to register web money keeper or credit card at the online booking-office site. The majority of bookmakers deal with the main currencies, they accept deposits in dollars, euro or pounds. Some of the bookmakers accept Russian rubles and Ukrainian hryvna, if not, e-payment systems perform service of currency exchange, they will help to solve the problem.
  5. Money lines and sports diversity. Many of bookies offer to place the bet not only on traditional sports, but on unusual, even exotic ones. In this way they try to attract customers. Moreover some bookmakers perform live webcast of matches on their websites.
  6. Privacy Policy and confidence. Serious online bookmakers care about their image and provide a guarantee of information privacy and funds safety of the bettor. One of the main advantages of online bookmaker is data secrecy and an absence of profit tax.
  7. Time saving and easier odds search. The handicapper doesn’t need to go to the betting shop, stand in a queue, waste time on searching for information. It takes just several minutes to do the same on the bookies or informational websites.
  8. Licenses, granted to bookmakers, ensure legality, validity and reliability.
  9. Various special offers to attract attention of new customers are popular on the Internet, especially among young bookies, which are not well promoted yet, sometimes they may offer 100% increase of bettors first deposit.
    10. Liberty of choice. Handicapper is able to choose any bookmaker, with which it would be comfortable for him to play. In case of some inconvenience he can close off an account and register at another bookie.

But speaking about live regime it must be kept in mind that bookmakers resort to some stratagems, the speed and dynamism of events often induce handicappers to mistake and as a result lose the money thus leaving the profit to bookies.

In fine it should be mentioned that the future belongs to online bookmakers, bettors all over the world have already appreciated them.

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