Sport betting: Characteristic of Unfair Bookmaker

Sport betting: Characteristic of Unfair Bookmaker
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Characteristic of Unfair Bookmaker
One of main thing – to choose bookies, where to bet. We can to help you with this questions.
If someone takes decision to become a handicapper the first and probably the most important thing the person should do is to make a right choice of bookmaker.

Sport betting: Characteristic of Unfair BookmakerNowadays there are plenty of bookies on the Internet. Not only old and high-profile offices that operate this business for years create the websites, but also the young ones that try to attract customers by different promotion offers.
There are many features of unreliable bookmakers capable of deceiving their clients, for example, they can hinder the payment or default on a dept.

So let’s get a more detailed view of possible swindler:

  1. The bookmaker doesn’t have appropriate license. All legal bookmakers have to place the license and company details on the website for clients to be sure in bookmakers’ lawfulness. If there is no license − be careful, there may be problems in the future.
  2. Poor ratings of site session. Fortunately, today there are lots of Internet resources for checking out websites ratings among the users. Search services Yandex and Google offer such mark as thematic citation index, it should be more than 100 points in Yandex and PR in Google not less than 4 points.
  3. Advertising of alien websites on the bookmakers’ resources. This fact is the most distrustful; such advertising shows aspiration to earn the money by all means. It is possible, that the website was made as a short-term project, in purpose to get money out of clients and then

    to disappear.

  4. Feeble website activity and sleazy appearance. This implies glitches, problems with bets placing, frequent disappearance of events in money line, cancellation of bets, etc. Serious bookmakers arrange their websites in the most attractive way; swindlers will not waste the time on it.
  5. Feeble bonus programs or their absence. Stable bookmakers as well as bookie beginners offer different promotions to attract new clients. They don’t skimp and if there is no bonus on deposit at the first stages of registration that must catch attention of the bettors. Though there are some large bookmakers like Pinnacle that never used bonus system, they explain that they put bonus points in profit margin.
  6. Bookmaker does not accept payments by credit card. All legal bookmakers accept payments by credit cards. If the bookie works only through payment systems, be careful, it is the first indicator of imposture, as the banks examine the Internet resources with a view to sound business practice.
  7. Feeble newsline. The swindler wouldn’t load himself with nuances like latest sport highlights, he may justify this fact by absence of the person responsible for news.
  8. Numerous negative feedbacks. Nowadays with the help of the Internet and its forums it is easy to make an impression about bookmaker, everyone can ask questions about bookmaker there. Possibly, there will be some signs of unfair competition (accusation of competitor), but in general this information may be rather useful for the bettors.
  9. Feeble activity of support desk. All self-respecting bookies have highly professional support desk to which the client may refer at any time. Swindles either don’t have support desk at all either they have it but it is practically ineffective.

If the bettor comes across the above mentioned characteristics of bookmaker, he should avoid it immediately, there are a lot of fair and reliable ones, which are really worthy of dealing with.

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