Sport betting: Betting strategy “Flat”

Sport betting: Betting strategy “Flat”
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Sport betting: Betting strategy “Flat”

Where to bet, if you find many bookies, where to make bets if you have methods? One of the simplest strategies of bets on sports is “Flat” or in other words fixed size of a bet. All the simplicity is that throughout making a bet with a bookmaker we place a bet on a predetermined value. You determine this value personally; it can be 1 dollar, as well as all 100. It all depends on your financial abilities.

Sport betting: Betting strategy “Flat”With the course of time of using this exact strategy, its simplicity brings maximum effect, in comparison with using other strategies, existing in the world. Of course, professionals always come up with something new and they are unlikely to agree that “Flat” is somehow useful in betting. It’s all because simplicity in betting and in management of one’s balance sheet is uninteresting and boring. They look for new methods and systems of betting. Although it’s exactly boredom and simplicity that will bring desirable result and practically will secure you from losing all the bankroll.
But beginners of betting need to stick to this system of fixed size of a bet and with the course of time it will bring them a certain profit.

Betting strategy “Flat”Using this system of bets on sports events not only brings you profit, but also will help you analyze all your bets and their effectiveness. The size of your present bankroll will point out directly the quality of bets choosing and will help to think about it before further events. Because constantly growing bankroll will help to draw a conclusion only about the fact that the quality of your guessing matches’ results has a medium or high level and you should stick to your predictions.
The size of fixed bets can be set both for single bets, for example, 10 dollars on each chosen event, and for multiple bets in the sum of 5 dollars or a system in the sum of 7 dollars. It all depends both on your desire and on start-up balance – the sum that you don’t mind spending on making deals with a bookmaker.

Among disadvantages of this system is the fact that while making bets on sports events you need to choose the events carefully and to have a good understanding of what you are doing. The system will bring desirable result only when the percent of won matches will be much bigger than the lost ones. And of course, a lot depends on odds, on which you make a bet. If you have knowledge in forecasting and the level is high enough, then for a significant period of time, you will have permanent income and your bankroll will become many times as large.

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