Sport betting: Bets on Volleyball

Sport betting: Bets on Volleyball
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Sport betting: Bets on Volleyball
Volleyball is a team game which is popular all over the world. Millions professional and nonprofessional players prefer this game. Such popularity of volleyball is explained by simplicity of rules and respective safety of the game. Due to that many sportsmen and amateurs treat volleyball as profession or favourite hobby. The new volleyball variations appear today, they are also very interesting: beach volleyball, park volley, mini-volleyball.

Sport betting: Bets on VolleyballA ticket to success in volleyball is a cohesive team play and players’ common ground. The team’s line-up includes twelve members, six of them are regular players, the rest are bench-warmers. Substitutions are not restricted in volleyball, senior coach can assign as many of them as he considered it is necessary. The standard size of volleyball court is 18×9 meters, net height – 2,43 meters for men and 2,4 – for women.


The sense of the game – the team should get more score points than its opponent. The sportsmen play by their hands, they take and give in sequences the services to the opponent. The players are allowed to catch the ball by other parts of the body, the main idea is that the ball shouldn’t touch the ground.

The volleyball match consists of several sets – but there are not more than 5 of them. When one of the teams wins 3 sets, the match is considered to be finished in favor of this team. The team wins when it gets 25 points, in addition the score difference should be 2 points, for example 27:25.

The fifth set is considered to be time-break, it is distinctive in that the needed score is 15 points. If the score in the fifth set is 14:14, the set continues till one of the teams will be 2 points ahead.
It is possible to bet on the outcome of volleyball match

in a line or live regime.

Types of bets on volleyball offered by the bookmakers:

  1. Bet on the tournament or championship winning of a volleyball team. It is a long-term bet which demands knowledge about teams’ potential; it is not very popular among handicappers.
  2. Bet on winning in the match. The handicapper can bet on the match and on the set as well. The odds offered by bookmakers are based on the volleyball clubs’ strength. In live betting in a cause of the match or set the lines can be changed.
  3. Bet on the team’s winning in the play-offs of the match. For example, 3:0, 3:1, 3:2 etc. The odds here are higher, but to forecast the precise score is much more difficult than to predict the winner of the play-off.
  4. If the fifth play-off takes place in a match. The odds for the probability of the fifth play-off are practically equal for both cases, 1.85 for each of them.
  5. How many points the team can possibly get in a match. The points of a concrete match are taken into consideration.
  6. Total of points in a match or play-off. The bet is placed according to the principal over/under. It can be for both teams or for one of them; it is often made in life betting.
  7. Handicap for one of the teams. The difference in points breakaway between opponents in a match or a set; it can be under or above zero. It is very popular type of betting, as well as total betting it is often placed in live regime and can bring high profit.

The bettor who is going to get profit from bets on volleyball should keep in mind several factors, which he has to analyze and not to miss:

  1. Teams standings. Very often the matches which are not loaded in a tournament can be difficult to forecast or vice versa their outcome can become clear from the very beginning. The coach of the leading team can field the second team or on the contrary the first team in order to keep sportsmen in shape. It is better to place bets just before the beginning of the match when the teams’ line-ups are announced or in a live regime following the game online.
  2. Head-to-head battles and physical form of volleyball players. Even if the opponent is obviously a dog, all the same there is a probability of favourite’s loss. Physical state of the teams is the factor which should be better seen with own eyes, in live broadcast, than to make guesses and use untried resources.
  3. Psychological factor. Psychological fortitude helps the players to minimize mistakes which can probably take place in a process of the game and to overcome the vulnerable moments. In women’s volleyball the psychological factor of a team game very often plays a crucial part.

Bets on volleyball may become very profitable if to use a right lead-up, analysis and successful betting strategy.
Good luck in your bets!

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