Sport betting: bets on total

Sport betting: bets on total
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Sport betting: bets on total

For those who don’t know yet what a total is, or can’t understand it, we explain, that in the world of bookmakers total is the number of scored points or goals in the match.
Bets on total are in the list of main bets, those, that the bettors use more often. They are made as single bets, as well as systems, multiple bets and other types of cards.

What types of total are we know?

Sport betting: bets on totalTotal can be not only general, but also individual.
General totals are offered for all kinds of events, including: hockey, basketball, football, tennis, et cetera. But bookmakers not always take a chance to give an individual total. As a rule, they give it for tennis in rare occasions, and it leads to think.
There is always big diversity for general total that is bookmaker offers not only an average performance, which may or may not be in the match, but also overstated or understated, with according decreasing or increasing of odds.

It’s a good opportunity to catch big odds for those who was able to analyze the match in a good manner, and to win from a multiple bet for those who don’t know much about peculiarities of bookmaker’s world yet.
Higher odds are always given for individual totals, than for general, because a bettor counts on strength and shape of only one team, and that usually creates some difficulties during the game.
Individual total for a player is given not only in tennis,

but also in basketball. These are two sports where we have to count on not the team, but on a certain person. In tennis sportsman has to gain number of points in taken games, and in basketball – gain enough points by hitting the basket.

How to bet on totals properly?

If it’s a simple total and not Asian, then it’s not so hard to play. As a rule, bookmaker offers you to choose from 1 to indefinite number of goals, points, scores. If you choose a whole number for the card, for example 2 over, then the team or the player have to score at least 3, if precisely 2 then it’s expense, that is the odds equal 1, and that’s not always profitable for the bettor. Total 2,5 over also requires 3 scored goals, but if only 2 will be scored, then it’s a loss. The same thing, but the other way round will happen with a bet on total under. If we have 2 under, then not more than 1 goal has to be scored, if 2 – expense, the rest is a loss. With a bet 2,5 under everything less than 3 is a win, the rest is a loss.
With Asian total, everything is a little different, the system is more complicated and it’s not always easy to understand it from the first time. Here a bettor is offered to make a bet not only on 1, 1,5, 2, but also on 1,25, 1,75.

The easiest way to consider such bets is on examples; we’ll take Barcelona – Juventus with a total 2,75 and sum of a bet 50 dollars. If we take these exact odds, bookmaker will conventionally divide our bet on two possible outcomes, in particular: total over 2,5 for 25 dollars and total over precisely 3 for the same sum of money. If 4 and more goals will be scored, both bets will win, which means we will win over 50 dollars; and if only 3 goals will be scored in the match, then only 2,5 over will win and we’ll have one expense; which means that 25 dollars will be returned to us, and the other 25 dollars will be multiplied by the odds.

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