Sport betting: Bets on the outcome

Sport betting: Bets on the outcome
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Sport betting: Bets on the outcome
Bet on the outcome were the first which punters were able to afford worldwide. You need to know where to bet, where to make bets… Over the years, there were only the handicap, totals, and decades later, and other more exotic options.
This bet is popular in all of the countries, not only for handicappers, but also beginners, because it does not require special knowledge, only a simple analysis of teams.
Sport betting: Bets on the outcome The most often bet for the outcome are used by new participants of BM, because for the present didn’t understand features of other presented options. It is possible to put for the outcome at random, using only small odds, namely carrying out a bet on the favourites recognized by the bookie, and it is possible to do the qualitative analysis of game and to put against them on more attractive odds.
Bet on the outcome of all bookie designated by the same: H1, D, H2. Thus, the bettor can choose for themselves the win of one team or assume that there will be a draw.

It is possible to use this type of bet in any of the proposed BM system, that is to put single bet, system or combo bet. The winning amount is simply calculated, the ratio is multiplied by the bet amount, in the case of a singl bet, if other types of the bet, the amount of the bank at a prize calculated by the rules of system or the combo bet and so on.
As a rule, in the bookie, the odds is underestimated by a match outcome, thet’s why, bettor try to choose for themselves more exotic type of a bet, but it always double risk which is repaid by the odds size.

Beginners use this strategy of bet in a single bet, but it may be more difficult to receive a bigger prize, and handicappers are engaged in it. The combo bet – a great opportunity to gather in one card a few matches on small odds and to create one big which allows to increase bank

over many times .

Bets on the outcomeAs a bonus program, some BM offer such system: you put the singl bet from six events among which there will be not less than the odds 1,6. In case, if the combo bet doesn’t play only one match, to the bettor come back the bet amount. Thus, he doesn’t remain at a loss and can try once again. One of such the bookie is Fonbet’s BM.
To use this type of a bet in the gain, it is best of all to take odds not lower than 1.6, where as in the high stakes and winnings will be attractive, but remember, the higher the ratio, the proposed BM, the is less probability that the event will end in favor of this punter or a team. The bet amount on big odds, has to be less because there the sum of a winning is more, but also risk too.
If a bettor plays on 1.2, it usually collects combo bet, in which the total amount at a bet doesn’t exceed than 10. So high probabilities that the card will play and bank it will be essential in plus. But there is one drawback, even a 1.2 playing only 70%, so the ratio of non-playing odds very easily.

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