Sport betting: bets on handicap

Sport betting: bets on handicap
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Sport betting: bets on handicap
About 25% of bettors prefer to bet on handicap, and there are reasons for it. Where to bet on handicap, that is one of main thing you must to know.
For example, sometimes it’s easier to guess difference in scores and goals, than total or a certain outcome.
We can explain the notion “handicap” in the simplest words to those who isn’t familiar with it. Handicap – is a disparity between points gained by two teams or players. Handicap can be negative, if we talk about favorite of the match, or positive, when a bettor decides to place a bet on the weak side.

Special features of negative and positive handicap.
Sport betting: bets on handicapProfessionals easily use bookmaker terms and can wonderfully count in head, how many points a team has to get to have win in the card, but new participants often find it difficult to understand, why it’s plus and why it’s minus, what is the difference and how to count the result.

Negative handicap is always given for a favorite of the match, that is, it’s the number of points or goals, on which the favorite has to draw away from not a favorite. For example, let’s consider tennis match Djokovic – Federer. – 3,5 is given on Djokovic, which means that the whole match has to end with the favorite’s disparity of 4 and more points. We are fine with score 6-4, 6-4 and with more lopsided score in favor of Djokovic.

To calculate handicap we have to add total number of points, gained by the player in the whole match. In our example, we can see that Djokovic got 12 points, and Federer – only 8, 12-8=4, which means that the negative handicap has triggered, and the positive one didn’t.

Because with positive handicap not a favorite should not lose with less than 4 points. This is applied to tennis. In football and hockey handicap is calculated according to the number of goals scored by one and another side.
In basketball, there is an opportunity to buy handicap, but not all bookmakers give this opportunity. For example, it’s -+12,5 on the main match. The bettor can take a talon and to buy for certain odds a handicap significantly smaller of bigger, which includes changing a minus for a plus.

Asian handicap.
Like total, Asian handicap has its special features, but it is a multiple of not 0,5, but of 0,25. An inexperienced bettor can find it difficult to understand it, so we’ll consider it in detail on an example.
We’ll take a football match, in which as a main handicap we take +0,25 and we bet 100 dollars. Bookmaker divides our bet in two, 50 dollars each. In first variant we conventionally make handicap 0, and in second 0,5. Therefore, if our not a favorite ties the game, that is 0 handicap will trigger, then on one card we’ll get expense, and on the second card – win. If they score a goal and gain the lead in one or more scores, both bets will trigger.

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