Sport betting: Bets on Football, Advantages and Disadvantages

Sport betting: Bets on Football, Advantages and Disadvantages
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Sport betting: Bets on Football, Advantages and Disadvantages

It is well-known fact that football is the most popular sport from the point of view of the betting. Where to make bets on football, where to bet on soccer? It is rather reasonably and logically. A lot of people are fond of football, they make bets on it.
Bookmakers devote an immense niche to football in their money-lines. Some bookies offer about 200 outcomes of football events. Let’s see in this article how not to get into a muddle of all these bets and to determine their advantages and disadvantages.
Sport betting: Bets on Football, Advantages and Disadvantages
So, placing a bet on football event, the bettor doesn’t guess that football – the number one sport, is one of the BM’s revenues. That is why the bookmaker tries to widen the players’ audience and to prove the service of football betting (offer the broadcast on their websites, increase the quantity of outcomes, offer preview forecasts).

Let’s discuss the advantages of bets on football:

  1. Availability of football as a sport. The interest in football championships has never disappeared. Press, TV, Internet widely cover the greatest football tournaments, so it will be no trouble for the bettor to gather the information about participants.
  2. There are a great number of various websites on the Internet today, where betting advisors or forecasters offer their services. Predictions can be both paid and free. If the advisor is a reliable one who doesn’t just chase up the money and doesn’t furnish indecent information as for example straight tips about fixed matches, so all the data about his predictions and statistics is published at the website thus giving the opportunity to the handicappers to check the advisors’ qualification. Information from these websites may be useful for the bettor,

    it helps to place a profitable bet and get positive results.

  3. Gathering the information about coming championships – is the necessary requirement for placing a bet on football. If to emit the analysis the bet will turn into lottery, moreover the winning percentage will not be in bettor’s favor. With the help of the Internet it would be much easier to make an analysis, there is a plenty of information, the bettor should not be lazy and search for proper variants in order to make a profitable bet.
  4. Practically every bookmaker offers high limits for the bets. European bookies let the handicapper bet rather high sum of money, rivalry among the bookmakers is high and reducing the limits can make a negative effect on BM’ reputation, and correspondingly on the quantity of bettors.
  5. Football action lines are rather manifold and exiting. Popularity of football leads to wide betting variation on different outcomes, that gives the bettor an opportunity to choose what he likes more: general bets, statistics or something else.
  6. The possibility to watch the broadcast in direct transmission. It is necessary to watch livestream of the match, pecially if the handicapper prefers live betting. If the BM doesn’t transmit the event on its website, it means that the broadcast is on the Internet and over TV. All eminent football events are in the limelight, if there is a will it is simple and easy to watch the game of a needed team.

Disadvantages of Football Bets

  1. One of the essential disadvantages is a close attention to football paid by bookmakers. Bookies are fond of sensations, they draw their income from them and any unexpected result is viewed in terms of the bookmakers.
  2. Low odds for bets on football. If to compare the football betting odds with the odds for the other sports, the difference becomes obvious. Bookmakers decrease odds for popular championships and tournaments. If the secondary championship is difficult to predict the odd will be a little higher, but at any rate bookmakers seldom offer really high odds for the clients.
  3. Manipulation with money-line is a favorite fun of the bookmaker. The odds are often changed because bookies despite their own line spy upon the lines of their colleagues – competitors. Various events which happen before the match immediately are depicted in forecasts, that is why bookmakers’ informers earn their salt. The matter is that it is very difficult to guess whether the odd change happened because the bookmaker catches wind of possible affairs or because he tries to misinform the betting advisors offering them the so called “sucker bait”.
  4. For bettors who are fond of arbs football is a real disappointment. Bookmakers keep their eyes open for minimizing the arbs, they often draw from the odds of their competitors updating their own lines.

According to popular belief of experienced bettors it is much more difficult to get profit from football than from other team disciplines. Whether it does or not every handicapper concludes himself.

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