Sport betting: Asian Handicap

Sport betting: Asian Handicap
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Sport betting: Asian Handicap

There are many sports betting varieties. Asian Handicap is one of them. Where to bet, where to make bets on Asian Handicap – that is one of main questions.

What is this betting like?

Sport betting: Asian HandicapAsian Total betting is a form of betting which is used by guessing the probability of a number of goals
being scored during a match. This is the similarity of Total and Asian Total. However, they have some other differences. The number of goals In Total is always whole, and it may contain fractional parts in Asian Total. For example, the number of goals in Total is 2, in Asian – 2.75.

The Asian Total is indicated by the TM or TB symbols in the offices, just as Ordinary Total.

Asian Total bet is divided into two. Let’s have a look at an example: we have the Asian Total of 1.25. This means that the first bet is less at 1.25 than the Total and the second is more. For each such conditionally divided bet half of the set amount is put.
It is not difficult to understand the Asian Total even if you have never bet on sports before. Any of them could be fatal. You can not only enjoy a game, but also make a significant profit.

Betting strategy

Asian HandicapPlacing an Asian Total is easy. The main thing – to understand the basics. Let’s analyze an example of handicap bets. You need to place a bet on the match, “Barcelona – Juventus”.
We have to predict the possible outcome of the game. Place your bets. For example, our bet is TM (1.25) with the odd (1.0) – $ 50. This means you predict the number of the goals will be less than 1.25. After this action the Asian Total divided into two ordinary handicaps. Now we need to subtract and add 0.25 goals per bet.

Bet amount is conditionally divided into two equal parts.

In this case we get two ordinary handicaps:
“Barcelona – Juventus” ТМ: (1), odd (1,0) – 25$
“Barcelona – Juventus” ТМ: (1,5), odd (1,0) – 25$

Possible wins and losses:

You should know the chances of the player to win and lose

  1. For example, there were no goals or there is only 1 goal in the match “Barcelona – Juventus”. In this case the player has won und gets 100$.
  2. If the first team loses the match with a goal difference of 2, this means that the bet has played a half and you’ll get half the bet back.
  3. If the first team loses the match with a difference of 3 goals, the bet loses and you’ll get nothing.

To bet or not to bet?

The Asian Total betting is very common now. Unlike other types of betting the Asian Total is not particularly risky. In most cases the player deserved the second part of the amount that you wagered. At the same time it is practically impossible to win the full amount in such kinds of betting, you have to be either a professional or an experienced player.
It should be remembered risks are always there in sports betting, but you can choose: the risk or not to risk. This is your conscious choice. Just remember: you should always listen to your intuition, heart and common sense

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