Picks and bets on Valencia – Betis match. 2016.09.11. Soccer betting

Picks and bets on Valencia – Betis match. 2016.09.11. Soccer betting
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How to bet on Soccer? Picks and bets on Valencia – Betis match

Valencia – one of the most unpredictable LaLigi clubs.

One has only to recall the last season. This LosChes season just started, and finished as the last. The atmosphere in the club complex. Peter Lim (owner) beats his lost grandmother, which he invested in the club, which, because of their same tupizma etc. * shit. That is why Valencia has lost in this transfer window has a number of important players such as Gomes, Alcacer, Mustafi. Best goalkeeper Alves, also called into question and may be sold in the winter. Club razderbanivayut, manual chaos, Paco (manager) is clearly not ready to withdraw the club on the field in such circumstances. As a result: 0 points for the first two rounds, zero points against average clubs. Islanders and 2 of the 4 staged defeat. And it’s at the Mestalla! The stadium, which always and all was heavy. In brief, mice Club is now difficult to name. However, there is reason to think that in the next rounds things can change abruptly.

After the match against Eibar two players have been signed, which came to replace Mustafi – Garay and Mangala. It is logical to assume that in this game they will play, but it is possible to replace it. Finally left Nani disqualification.
Thus, despite the difficult situation, the team is more or less completed by. And if there are huge problems in defense that Mangala and Garay in his first game can not decide everything very well with the attack. There derevoobrazny Rodrigo, who rarely get something, but the guy is trying very hard, so sometimes shoots, a good replacement. There Mina, who had already distinguished himself within the double double of examples and in the framework of the youth national team of Spain. There again, on loan from Barcelona Munir, who a couple of Mina also scored for the junior double and Spain. Nani eventually. In short, everything is fine with the attack, is there someone to score, get rid of the good forever tupyaschego Negredo and Alcacer, who hardly realize moments. That said, I believe that a home goal in Betis gate, it’s almost an iron event. There is someone to score, there is a desire. But with protection, as I have already said – a complete slag. Gain in the first match does not help, it is necessary to adapt the guys, one came from Peter, the other from Manchester. Betis course from the sky of stars is not enough, on the other hand, this season Betis twice (!) Hit the gates of Barcelona, ​​and even on the road. And in the last season (at the end) already Betis beat Valencia, although she then had and desire (are chances to catch hold of the EC zone) and strong players, many of which are already sold. I doubt very much that in the current situation of Valencia will be able to save the goal.

Actually, about Betis want to say very little, because to say nothing. Betis quite cautious at home, but away behaves much bolder, resulting in goals, and sometimes win. It’s no secret that LosChes is now in decline, you do not need to be Wang. It knows and Betis management, the coaching staff, the players. Betis will go to at least one point, but Valencia is currently a good attack, so hardly get 90+ stand at 0: 0 and will try to score as Barca. And certainly score, a mountain-Valencia is now just score.

Therefore, I think that the teams exchanged goals. Valencia have a good attack, but the defense is terrible, and the gain is still raw. Betis away noticeably sharper than playing, so “prick” once a Valencia under his power, but to keep their goal intact – barely.

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