Picks and bets on Sporting Gijon – Leganes match. 2016.09.11. Soccer betting

Picks and bets on Sporting Gijon – Leganes match. 2016.09.11. Soccer betting
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Will talk about Picks and bets on Sporting Gijon – Leganes match.

Within the framework of the 3rd round of the championship of Spain Sporting Gijon match themselves with rookie Examples Leganes. I think that in this match viewers will not see an abundance of goals, followed by reasons:

Firstly, the match will start at 13:00 MSK, which is quite early for football. Running back for 90 minutes is very difficult for the heat of the day. Therefore, the pace of play will be low and should not expect sharp counter-attack, which is not bad for UNDER 2.

Secondly, Leganes, though a novice in La Liga, but has already managed to make some noise. In the first round on the road team won minimally Celta (0:1) after scoring the winning goal on 75 minutes. Then in the second round Leganes house could stand against Atlético Madrid (0:0). Yes, the team does not show a bright attacking football and is played mainly on defense fielding coach at the gate. But if this style of play is paying off, why would not use it. Besides, Leganes is currently the only team an example that after two rounds managed to keep their doors shut.

Third, Sporting can not play against the defending team. So, for example, in the last round red and white played against another novice Alavesa, also played at the start of the season solely on defense, as a result of a goalless draw. If we take the full-time team meetings, you should pay attention to the 2014/2015 season, then within Segundo teams met twice. Sporting first in his field won (2:1), but all 3 goals were scored after 79 minutes. You understand that this rarely happens. In the second match of Sporting satisfied with a minimal victory (0:1). By the way, if the team were totally different level, if hihontsy headed Segundo, the Leganés was a typical middle peasant Championship.

Also worth noting is that in the Sporting, compared with the previous meetings, because of injuries is not to play a number of key players: F. Amorebieta (calf injury), M. Gómez (muscle injury), L. Castellano (wrist injury), Laura A. (muscle injury). Lack Gomez – is, of course, the weakening of the line of attack and loss of Amorebieta and Castellano significantly hamper the game Sporting’s defense. Therefore, the team will pay more attention to the defense of the gate, so as not to miss.

Based on the foregoing, I consider that the match between Sporting and Leganés will be purely grassroots character. Leganes, of course, the entire season in this manner will not be able to play, have stupidly forces the players is not enough, but until the team on courage can try to take away points from one another representative examples.

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