Picks and bets on Mainz 05 – Hoffenheim match. 2016.09.11. Soccer betting

Picks and bets on Mainz 05 – Hoffenheim match. 2016.09.11. Soccer betting
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Let’s see Picks and bets on Mainz 05 – Hoffenheim match.

Hoffenheim defense – one of the worst in the Bundesliga. Last season, she got 54 goals in 34 games (fourth worst performance). Naturally, the lion’s share of goals came in the away games (29 at exits 17, 1.71 per game). Even the arrival of coach Nagelsmanna situation is not corrected – if it passes the command the same 1.7 per game on average. Away – 14 missed 7 games (2 per game average).

New season Hoff began in the spirit of the previous one – missed 2 goals. Although the game: a) at home; b) against newcomer Bundesliga. In the second round will have much more difficult – to come check out a visit to Mainz, the representative of Germany in the European Cup. Last season, Hoffenheim missed 3 goals here, and the house was still 2.

I watched the game Hoffenheim in the first round. Nothing new to see – a mess in the defense as he was, and remained. Even playing at home, guys allow opponent too much. Leipzig struck 23 shots on goal (target 9), filed 9 corner, once fell into the cage. Vogt in the core zone completely failed, poorly played full-backs.

Mainz, on the contrary, I liked. Calendar ruthlessly Schmidt sent the team in Dortmund, but the guys showed good football (lost only 2:1). Scored a goal and whether Clemens Mally and a little more precise, would have scored two. 4 shots on target – it’s not bad, for this match.

Now – a home match. Last season Mainz was able to score 2+ goals in 8 out of 17 home games (more than half). It is logical to assume that the Schmidt team breaks this total is, in fact, guests will arrive in one of the worst defenses of the league. Mainz had score more 1.5 goals. 5 in 5 of the last 7 home matches against Hoffenheim, but as strong as now, he had never been (for the first time made it into the European Cups in 10 years). I think that the 05th will not disappoint their fans in the first home match of the season.
Predictions: Mainz will score more than 1.5 goals.

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