Picks and bets on Koln – Freiburg match. 2016.09.16. Soccer betting

Picks and bets on Koln – Freiburg match. 2016.09.16. Soccer betting
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Where to bet on Bundesliga? Will consider in Picks and bets on Koln – Freiburg match Review.

In the third round of the German Bundesliga Koln will examine novice elite of German football – Freiburg. Both teams started well this season and are located at the top of the standings. Do not forget that played just two games for which it is difficult to draw up a holistic impression of the prospects of Cologne and Freiburg in the Bundesliga.


“Goats” is not lost in the league and have not conceded a single goal in the gate, showing solid game in defense. At the same time, the team injured and the main goalkeeper (Timo Horn), and his closest reservist (Thomas Kessler). Also, in the game against Freiburg in Koln will not be able to play a team captain (Lehmann) and the main defender (Maroh). As for the summer transfer activity of the club, it was aimed at the acquisition of experienced players: Rudnevs, Rausch, Hoger. It is worth noting Cologne and stability on the coaching bench, with the team in 2013, operates the Austrian specialist Peter Shtoger.


Newbie shock Bundesliga started in the elite of German football. Under the leadership of Christian Shtreyha Freiburg held a major restructuring of the team before the start of the elite of German football. The club added such sturdy players, as Onur Bulut, Frantz, Ignovski, Niedermayer, Chalgar Chounchu. With a strong base, Freiburg has successfully started the championship, three points in the opening rounds, which gives good prospects for the preservation of residence in the Bundesliga.

Predictions for match.

Freiburg in the starting rounds appeared militancy team that can demonstrate the level of a good football. But Cologne is perfectly stands in his field, has a much more promising basic structure and has great experience of playing in the elite of German football.
Also, Koln has an amazing ability to dry the game that the Trust Shtogera easy to do in the games against rivals such as Freiburg, not outstanding speed and different technical data. Therefore, “total less than” in this match will be the best choice.

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