Picks and bets on Atalanta – Torino match. 2016.09.11. Soccer betting

Picks and bets on Atalanta – Torino match. 2016.09.11. Soccer betting
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Will consider Picks and bets on Atalanta – Torino match today.

This national championship, but not Eredivisie. Here, almost all the teams tend to TM. Zakochila Atalanta last season with an average impact of 2.32 goals per match, for example. And except for the matches against teams who finished in the top 8, it is even less – 1.91 goals per game on average.

In addition, there are some favorable factors for UNDER.

First – Torino joined the ranks of Joe Hart, one of the best goalkeepers of the present. Just for reference – starting with the 2010/11 season, no one played more clean sheets in the Premier League than Hart. Also, the goalkeeper – record for most saves, starting with the 2007/08 Premier League. In two rounds, starting goalkeeper Padelli it was a weak link in Torino, but with the arrival gate Hart bulls will be protected more reliably.

The second – top scorer guests Belotti pulled muscle and probably will not play in Bergamo. And if it comes out, it will play through the pain, not in an optimal state. The guy has scored 4 goals in 2 rounds, so his injury – a serious blow to the attacker potential guests. By the way, the owners of broken main striker Pinilla, and is also good for the TM.

The third – the two teams started the season riding with extraordinary matches. Atalanta – 3:2 and 4:1, Torino – 3:2 and 5:1. Maybe that’s enough to stamp TB? Still, it’s Italy. The logical reaction of both coaches to the large number of missed goals will be to strengthen the defense. I think that now the two teams will play more carefully. How much can you miss?

Fourth – Atalanta conceded 6 goals, and that’s just the top of the football injustice. I saw both games, Bergamasco normally protected, but their gates flew into everything. I do not exaggerate. 9 shots on target – 6 goals. For comparison, Palermo allowed to put on his goal in 2.3 times more punches, but missed only 2 goals. This dispersion, so that is not far off cracker Atalanta.

PM at the grassroots teams, as it should be – in the last six duels were scored 10 goals, 4 of them passed UNDER 2.5. Specifically in Bergamo last season played a 0:1. After two carnivals goals scored, I think, the team rolled up more than usual for the Serie A bottom.
Predictions: UNDER 2.5.

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