Picks and bets on Arsenal – Southampton match. 2016.09.10. Soccer betting

Picks and bets on Arsenal – Southampton match. 2016.09.10. Soccer betting
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Let’s presenting for you Picks and bets on Arsenal – Southampton match.

“Gunners” on Saturday will be in his field is very bad game, but very dangerous, “Southampton” Ronald Koeman. Personally, I think this match is one of the most exciting and unpredictable in the round. In “Arsenal” is always interesting to watch. This command does not cease to surprise and amaze. However, in recent years it sho often occurs not because of the quality attacking football, but because of Arsene Wenger. The Frenchman keeps saying that the quality of players is not enough, and everything is very bad in the defense …
But at the same time he sends for rent to other clubs submarine Calum Chambers and Jack Wilshere. All this is very strange. Is signing a new defender of the Spanish championship is so strengthened the faith in Wenger’s own defense? I do not understand what is not pleased Calum Chambers. Yes, he is not experienced and not always reliable, but he is constantly learning and cultivators.


If Chambers can rent More to somehow explain the sending Jack Wilshere in “Bournemouth” rational explanation is simply impossible. “Arsenal” is clearly not enough creativity to come. Olivier Giroud is too unstable and does not make the result at the right time, Alexis Sanchez frankly blown away when talking about his performance and statistics. Of course, the Chilean carries a huge amount of work, but to open the tight defensive ranks of rivals, such as “Lester,” as it is necessary after all. Wilshere is very susceptible to injury, but when he was in service, he deserves the Iron place in the starting lineup. Edinsvtenny who benefited from this lease – “Bournemouth”. Player this level there was not. In the third round, “Arsenal finally managed to show distinct attacking football and easily beat” Watford “. Now we need to deal with” Southampton “and their first home win of the season.


“Saints” after the departure of Ronald Koeman as if lost part of our soul. Claude Puel is not possible to establish from the set of quality players that he has really battle-worthy team. “Southampton” has not yet won a single victory, so the guest meeting with “Arsenal” played a huge role. I do not know what credibility the French specialist, but he is definitely fading away. Now the team needs is a victory, not a good football. However, in England it is always related to each other things. It seems to me that Puel is not realized until the end, in what league he was. He’s trying to build some sublime football, based on the multi-pass combinations, whereas in England more valued power and pressure. It is this “Southampton” and not enough.

“Arsenal” – “Southampton” Predictions of the match I think the guests in this game does not lose. “Arsenal”, despite the signing Mustafi, continues to be a problem with the protection. The attacking game discern through again, this may not be enough. Still, “Southampton” on the defensive quite tenacious and will not allow the hosts much in his own penalty area. More interestingly, how it will look like in terms of the composition of the players attacking team Arsene Wenger.

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