Ice Hockey betting. Picks and bets on Vityaz – Spartak Moscow match. KHL betting. 2016.09.15.

Ice Hockey betting. Picks and bets on Vityaz – Spartak Moscow match. KHL betting. 2016.09.15.
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So we waited for the fight when Vityaz Podolsk lost deservedly, on the case. It happened in the eighth game in Togliatti, where Lada wards Belov conceded with the score 0: 3. As said Valery Belov himself “on the ice was only one team.” What kind of team is it you probably realize. In Knight in the match did not work nothing, so the question of the winner of the match can be closed even after the first period, as it has all been clear. Well, now let’s see how Podolsky team cope with its mentality and whether it will overtake a series of setbacks. Bookmakers in their forecasts do not believe in unconditional victory Vityaz, but do not believe the same way and to the success of Spartak.

Spartak Moscow continues to amaze. Yielding to the house in the case of Admiral, failing the game in first place in terms of commitment and desire, then players heard Titov again got down to business and scored another three points, beating cupid – 1:0. Victory is not large, but the Amur in that match almost nothing, and that is on the conscience of Spartak. While the “red-white” are among the leaders of the Western Conference, and nobody up close and could not predict.


Spartak Positions certainly inspire his players, so the game on one or two points from the guests, do not wait. Wards Titov is now set solely on the three points. Vityaz Podolsk will also be well motivated, because in addition to the rehabilitation of the first dip of the season, the club also must begin to score points, after three defeats in a row is not good, and four so even more. We are waiting for an uncompromising game.
Predictions for the match Vityaz Podolsk Spartak Moscow: OVER (4)

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