Ice Hockey betting. Picks and bets on Traktor – Dinamo Minsk match. KHL betting. 2016.09.12

Ice Hockey betting. Picks and bets on Traktor – Dinamo Minsk match. KHL betting. 2016.09.12
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Picks and bets on Traktor – Dinamo Minsk match.

On Monday, one of the most interesting matches of the day will be held in Chelyabinsk. The local “Traktor” will play the second game in two days with the teams of the Western Conference. At this time in Chelyabinsk will arrive visitors from Belarus. “Traktor” in the opening segment of the season shows a fairly smooth and high-quality hockey. Anwar Gatiyatulin established a mutual understanding between players and between his staff and the leadership of the club. Now all the work solely on the result. After all, “Traktor” traditionally sets the highest goals, up to the conquest of the Gagarin Cup. The same applies to the citizens of Minsk. They had a great preseason and wonderful manned its composition. The team is now working fusion of youth and experience. Belarusian club started the season later than everyone else, and the first games shown himself quite well. So what are waiting for them a serious fight on Monday in Chelyabinsk.


The current home series started for the hosts are not in the best way. The defeat in the final minutes of the Finnish “Yokerita” is clearly not included in the plans of Anwar Gatiyatulin. But the match with the Riga “Dinamo”, one of the most hopeless at the moment league outsiders, was held Chelyabinsk much better. Great game Vasily Demchenko allowed him to leave his goal intact and abandoned three goals in the second half of the match finally nailed Dynamo. It is worth noting that the two goals the team has thrown in the majority, are shown in this particular match the impressive implementation of the numerical superiority.

“Dynamo” Minsk

Lukashenka suffered a very humiliating defeat in Moscow from “Spartak” in the first game of the season. They were playing on equal terms, but the ending, frankly, failed. Quite the reverse situation occurred in Ufa in a day. Here is the end of the game was for the Minsk dwellers. They were a long time in the score of 1: 0, but in the five minutes before the end of normal time still missed. And just immediately responded effective counterattack, plunging into a real shock Ufa fans. The real hero of the match was the Ben Scrivens. Unsuccessful debut in Moscow is forgotten, the North American goalkeeper holds an outstanding match, pulling the dead attackers throws Ufa. Already now we can say with confidence that the signing of Skrivensa – very competent and visionary leadership course “Dynamo”.

“Traktor” – “Dinamo” predictions:

Predictions for the match the hosts still appear somewhat pouverennee their opponents. But here it can affect the fatigue, because to hold two matches in two days is quite difficult. However, the same thing we can say about Minsk “Dynamo”. On Tuesday the team will play against Magnitogorsk “Metallurg”, so there may be some economy of forces before the fight with the champions last season. I think we are waiting for a fascinating game with interesting plot twists.
Predictions: UNDER (5), Traktor will win

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