Ice Hockey betting. Picks and bets on Neftekhimik – Amur match. KHL betting. 2016.09.12

Ice Hockey betting. Picks and bets on Neftekhimik – Amur match. KHL betting. 2016.09.12
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In new Review picks and bets on Neftekhimik – Amur match.

On Monday in Nizhnekamsk will be the next home game “Neftekhimik” in the CHL this season. Tatarstan club in need of glasses recruited to strengthen the competition for a place in the eight, went to one of the main rivals of outsiders throughout the league and the Eastern Conference in particular. “Amur” is very strange plays this season. Like, everything is very bad, but looking at the play of the team, you know that there are reserves and possibilities to play better. However, at the moment, “Amur” has a very weak, especially in away games. Neither Misahat Fakhrutdinov team line does not look balanced, and without it to achieve victories over very motivated competitors impossible. For the “Neftekhimik” this home game can be a great opportunity to score three points after not the best game against “Dinamo” from Moscow. Popihin Eugene, I am sure, will do everything to defeat not the strongest competitor.


Nizhnekamsk club league is experiencing the typical problems of the middle peasant. Extremely low performance at a pretty good game in other respects interferes recruit the required number of points. The last two games in particular stand out. The match with the “Vityaz” went into overtime only because the “Neftekhimik” did not use our chances. The game with the “Dynamo” generally frankly failed. Lack of concentration at the beginning of the meeting immediately put “Neftekhimik” in a difficult situation – to recoup this team does not like. To honor Popihina guys, they managed to equalize effort Maxim Berezin and Dan Sexton, who had already designed his fifth assist. North American acts extremely useful and confidence, leading partners for each other on an equal basis with Igor Polygalov.


Khabarovsk after the humiliation in Sochi, apparently, had a serious conversation with his coaching staff. Indeed, the play in this way in the defense simply inexcusable. In the following games “Amur” has missed only once – but, paradoxically, scored only two points. The match with “Torpedo” I sincerely surprised. I did not think that such a powerful team PĒTERIS SKUDRA fails never penetrate Juha Metsolu. After that, “Amur” went to Moscow to play with a strong at the moment, “Spartak” German Titov. Again, the entire match played Finnish goalkeeper Far East – and he was back on top. struck it only once, but teammates have not answered any of the puck.

“Neftekhimik” – “Amur”:

Predictions the match favorite find hosts. “Amur” need a few days rest and some emotional jolt to tune in a new way. Nizhnekamsk need to realize their moments that guests are sure to be provided, and the victory will be in your pocket. Place in the gate, “Amur” at this time, I think, takes Alexander Alexander Pechursky, but the game in the attack on this fact does not improve. While not legionnaires played out and Ushenin brothers, Khabarovsk points will gain very infrequently.
Predictions – Neftekhimik will win

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