Ice Hockey betting. Picks and bets on Dinamo Riga – Jokerit match. KHL betting. 2016.09.13

Ice Hockey betting. Picks and bets on Dinamo Riga – Jokerit match. KHL betting. 2016.09.13
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If you want we are consider Picks and bets on Dinamo Riga – Jokerit match.

Finnish “Jokerit” is sent to the Latvian capital city of Riga, where he will meet with the local “Dynamo” in the framework of the regular season Continental Hockey League. In this article you will find a bet and a bet on the match “Dinamo Riga” – “Jokerit”, which will take place at “Arena Riga” on Tuesday, September 13, 2016. Kick-off at 19:30 Moscow time.

HC “Dinamo Riga”

The match against the Finnish “Yokerita” Riga “Dinamo” opened a new season of the Continental Hockey League “Arena Riga”. The team from the very start of the season held shestimatchevuyu exit the series, in which the people of Riga produced only two points, taking precedence over “Salavat” in the shootout (2:3). The last two matches, “Dinamo” lost Magnitogorsk “Metallurgist” (2:1) and Chelyabinsk “Tractor” (3:0).

HC “Jokerit”

But Helsinki “Jokerit” game against Riga “Dinamo” only ends his six matches series visiting tour, and the next meeting will hold at home. In six games, “Jokerit” scored nine points, scoring three wins and three defeats in the regular time, which certainly is not the worst result for the Finnish squad.

“Dinamo Riga” – “Jokerit” match Predictions

The match in Riga for “Yokerit” is not the easiest. Finns are not stable now, “Dynamo” is clearly hungry to win, besides the team clearly do not want to lose face in front of their fans in the first official match of the KHL at “Arena Riga” this season. That’s just, unfortunately for fans of “Dinamo Riga” their team plays against “Yokerit” not the best way. Seven full-time battles against the “Riga”, “Jokerit” took the top five. Rigans same in most of the time beat “Jokerit” only once, had this house in 2015, and another victory went to the team is already outside the normal time. Of course, the Finnish team in this pair meet favorite, but we still believe in Riga, and believe that the team at least did not lose in regular time. Forecast for the match “Dinamo Riga” – “Jokerit”: the owners do not concede in regulation time.
Predictions: Dynamo will not lose in regular time with Kf=1.88

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