Ice Hockey betting. Picks and bets on CSKA – Severstal match. KHL betting. 2016.09.11

Ice Hockey betting. Picks and bets on CSKA – Severstal match. KHL betting. 2016.09.11
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Will consider Picks and bets on CSKA – Severstal match.

On Sunday, “CSKA” will hold its next regular season match of the Kontinental Hockey League. CSKA are now in great shape and have a great chance to extend their winning streak. The opponent does not have the strongest. “CSKA” exemplary spent derby with “SKA”. Of course, we can say that the St. Petersburg group did not come in the optimal composition and without their head coach. But the very content of the game was entirely for the Moscow club. Those who watched the game, see the next sample to match “CSKA”. Dmitry Quarterly controlled the match, increasing the pressure at the right moments. CSKA now have an impressive winning streak of 7 games. Moreover, they played with were serious contenders in both the East and the West. I think all the fans of the Moscow team entirely hoping for another victory of their favorites.


Last season already accustomed us to the long victorious series “CSKA”. In the course of this was replayed twice Kazan “Ak Bars” Ufa “Salavat Yulaev” and the sworn enemies of St. Petersburg, although a little weakened. Great credit for the success of the team goalkeepers. In the last five games CSKA conceded only 6 goals. Two managed to throw only guests in Moscow of “Ak Bars”. If we have grown accustomed, here’s performances Victor Fast, very pleasing to the excellent and precocious mature game Ilya Sorokin. Swedish keeper brilliantly prepared for the season and shows very robust hockey.


Cherepovchane not envy. They are located in the basement of the standings his conferences with a single victory in seven matches. This result, of course, can not hold the club. But the fire is now Alexander Gulyavtseva pointless – it was necessary to understand that the inexperienced teacher can not be achieved at once chic results. Since I have chosen this way of development – the need to be patient. Although it is still only the beginning of the season, so the chances of a successful performance there. Lovely goalkeeper who in every game gives a chance to its partners and holds “Sevrestal” afloat – available. The attack is also quite balanced: there are both experienced players playing in the team for many years, so young and untried, which only have to prove their right to play in the KHL club

“CSKA” – “Severstal”:

Forecast the match the hosts here are the undisputed favorite. “Severstal” has to spend his best game of the season to have a chance to cling to the victory. Place in the gate should again take Jakub Kovář, because mate at least close to it on the level of the club now, no. For the “CSKA” will it be, I’m a typical game in which we will again see the command “robots”, methodically smear his rivals on the ice arena in Moscow.

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