Ice Hockey betting. Picks and bets on Avtomobilist – CSKA match. KHL betting. 2016.09.16

Ice Hockey betting. Picks and bets on Avtomobilist – CSKA match. KHL betting. 2016.09.16
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Good bookmakers are presenting Picks and bets on Avtomobilist – CSKA match.


Yekaterinburg loitering on the brink of its leading position in the Eastern Conference is not casual. Beginning of the season by fans Motorist causes them to believe in the possibility of even a home field advantage in the first round of the KHL playoffs!

Previously, overseas fans dreams was just a place in the Gagarin Cup. And all this is happening against the backdrop of the apparent leader of the fall of the results of the attack team last season Anatoly Golysheva. Fortunately, it is now played by rookie team Rock Tichar (5 goals in 7 games).

5 out of 6 games extreme motorist spent at home. And it is in the native walls could not beat the average people of the Eastern Conference Tractor (1:2 OT) and Yugra (2:3). While Metallurg Mg (2:0) was beaten fairly confidently.


CSKA resemble machine for earning points at the start of the season. In connection with the World Cup teams have practically no losses – is not considered as such, the departure of Ivan Telegin, in fact …

After the defeat of “Magnitogorsk” in the Cup of Discovery (2:3), CSKA won 8 wins in a row. True 7 of them have been received on the home site. The truth and the only guest Victoria was mined over Ak Bars (3:1) in a beautiful style, after no less confident home win over the same high-end contender (4:2).

After winning the SKA (2:1) and the expected victory over previously Severstal (5:2) wards Dmitry Kvartalnova eager to chalk up another “victim” of the number of participants in the Eastern Conference.

Predictions for the match Avtomobilist – CSKA:

Despite the leadership status of “Auto”, CSKA still considered the favorite of confrontation. Most likely, we will again see a pragmatic, yet aggressive hockey by Kvartalnova wards. So it is advisable to put on a “grassroots” match. Recall a home game against Avtomobilist “MMK” when Razin team literally “dry up” one of the best attacks KHL! The same thing we have all the chances to be seen in the upcoming confrontation. At the same time Muscovites have every chance in order to take out a full-fledged Yekaterinburg 3 points.
Predictions: CSKA will win

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