Ice Hockey betting. Picks and bets on Amur – Red Star Kunlun match. KHL betting. 2016.09.15

Ice Hockey betting. Picks and bets on Amur – Red Star Kunlun match. KHL betting. 2016.09.15
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First of KHL betting for 15 of September will see righy now… Picks and bets on Amur – Red Star Kunlun match.

After a disastrous match with Spartak Moscow, when the players head struck total criticism from the head coach, going a little Cupid and still managed not to lose in regulation time in Nizhnekamsk Neftekhimik losing only in the shootout. After the match he Miskhat Fakhrutdinov already slightly changed his rhetoric was not so categorical in his statements, but was dissatisfied with the attack again. Game in the building were not too happy with us. Yes, Khabarovsk club despite many forecasts have played more active, but not as much as we would like. Yes, and a washer built defenders, forwards again largely stayed in the shadows. There were concerns about the “physics” of the Amur, as the team finished exit the series, but the game showed that even in this respect the relative reliability of the club.

Red Star Kunlun gradually begins to roll in during the week the CHL. After starting two emotional wins, the Chinese lost the next two games. After the fiasco in Nizhny Novgorod, the head coach of Red Star Kunlun called this game a good experience. As we see in Sochi Chinese we decided to consolidate the lesson, and losing local club – 1: 3. This victory proved once again that the Kunlun Red Star is still a lot to learn, play softly up, as far as possible to determine the area to enhance the transfer and in the near time to deal with these things. As long as the Chinese club unplayed composition and there is no possibility of substitutions, the case will not be. Although something big from the team in the first season and did not wait.


A third away game and so weak Kunlun Red Star does not help to establish his football, but rather on the contrary, exacerbate the situation. Cupid, in turn, though, too bad, but a ray of light, albeit small, but in the last match was traced. His chance Cupid should not miss. Note that the first of September, the Chinese have already visited Khabarovsk, then won a victory of 1: 2. There is still the matter of revenge traced.
Predictions for Amur – Kunlun Red Star match: Amur will not lose, Handicap (0) on Amur

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