How to bet, how to make bets?

How to bet, how to make bets?
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How to bet, how to make bets?
If you decide to do a game at the bookmaker’s office to obtain financial benefits, this article is for you. But if you don’t have a goal of material gain, it is not necessary to read our article “How to bet”. If you want to have a successful gambling at the bookmakers you should be prepared to collect and analyze a lot of information.

How to bet, how to make betsThe successful prediction, betting at the bookmaker is precisely the prediction made on the basis of studying and processing large amounts of data. In this article, we’ll give you some tips and help to answer the question – how to bet.

1. Play only at the well-known bookmakers which have been working for a long time. There are two reasons for that: peace of mind for money and a wide range of events and betting options. Major offices are worried about their reputation, and will not disappear with your money. They employ lots of bookmakers. This solid staff can make

a vast and diverse line (I mean the range of products on display).

2. Select one (max two) of the sport. You must determine the type of sport which you understand better which is closer to you. You cannot be a master of sports in all sports. It is much easier to answer the question – how to bet, having the task of learning and processing of information concerning two sports than five or eight.

3. Play the singles. No multi bets, especially systems. Multi bet is a bet in which if there are six out of seven correctly predicted outcomes. If the seventh one is predicted incorrectly, you lose all your money. And it is much more complicated to collect qualitative information for four or five matches than for one.

4. Don’t bet on the established favorites. The odd on such teams as «Real», «Bayern», «Barcelona» is initially underestimated. The bookmaker reinsures in advance in case of favorite winning. These bets are the most popular among inexperienced players. But such bets will never make a profit in the long term. Just count – how many times you need to win at the odd of 1.2, for example, to make a profit in the long term. The favorite has to win six times. If there is a draw at least once of these six games, you will be even. And if, say, four wins, one draw and a defeat, you’re already in the red.

5. Be sure to select the financial strategy. You have to have the total sum of the bank. You must determine the amount of the bets about the sum. For example, the bank is $ 1000. The sums of the bets are from 10 to 30$. Never exceed the amount of the bet that was determined during the development of the financial strategy. This will quickly lead to financial collapse.

6. Control your emotions. Never try to revenge after losing a bet. Each bet must be verified and analyzed. Don’t bet if you are drunk, this bet for good luck will not likely lead to a positive balance in a long term.

7. Be sure to gather information about the event which you want to place a bet on. Analyze and choose the outcome you want to bet on. An example: there are the Club 1and the Club 2 in the football championship. There are 14 rounds in the championship – seven home and away. The Club 1 is on the 4th place and scored five victories in seven home matches. It’s 71.4%. The Club 2 is on 15th place and has one winning, two draws and four defeats in seven away matches. The percentage of defeat is 57%. The home team won six matches out of the last 10 on the field of the Club 1. It is 85.5%. After treatment of the statistics we understand that the probability of winning of the first team is 71%. Move on to the information that relates to the playing teams. The Club 1 is playing with its first string of players – no injured and disqualified. The main central defender of the Club 2 has been disqualified and the right tackle, the team leader, has been injured.

What we have – having regard to 30 thousand home fans, our statistical and pre-match analysis of the most likely outcome – the Club 1 will win. Then check the both participants of the match on the winning and losing series. For example, if the home team has won 5 matches in a row, the probability of a draw or defeat is significantly higher, and it would be better to abstain in bet on its victory. In our case both teams do not have notable series. We conclude that bet on the winning of the Club 1 is deliberate and justified. Next, we compare the odds of winning of the Club 1 in different bookmakers, choose the best one and make a bet.
Of course, you should put our article «How to bet» into life after your answering to the question – where to bet. We wish you good luck! Believe in yourself!

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