Football betting. Picks and bets on Spain – Liechtenstein match. 2016.09.05

Football betting. Picks and bets on Spain – Liechtenstein match. 2016.09.05
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Real football spectacle promises to be the match Spain – Liechtenstein, where the team will meet on the football field 05 September 2016 and the games begin at 21:45 Moscow time. Footballers and so play with the utmost concentration, and since the fight is held as part of the tournament as EUROPE: World Cup, it is expected the maximum dedication. In the last ten meetings of personal data six times football clubs could not determine the strongest, and in the other games had three wins and one guest hosts.

Since the outcome of the match Spain – Liechtenstein easy to predict in advance, even the young fans, bookmakers did not surprise anyone, and put the following ratios: 1.15 to a possible victory weak owners, 24.8 – to win strong reviews and a draw – 7.

Players in Spain are fully prepared to face a strong opponent. They are in great shape, the pitch will be released the first team, after all the guests have repeatedly won in a foreign field. But this fact does not frighten the owners, they are set to a positive outcome of the meeting and want to be a winner in his group to fight for the podium in the championship. Especially because FC Spain in the last match he met strong resistance from the opponent, and could easily score four goals in his gates. The hosts are famous for quick counterattacks opponents’ goal and well-aimed blows left-handed hitter, who has repeatedly brought the team victory.

FC Liechtenstein on the eve of the season had a significant renewal of releasing several veterans and reserve players, and signed three experienced players who will be able to clearly enhance the game team. This was a high-quality pre-season training, which head coach tested several tactical schemes, since it allows you to make an extensive structure. In away matches played by Liechtenstein are not so confident at home, but still rarely loses. The team should be easy to take the three points, because in the last duels could see the strong potential of the football club.

Although the game Spain – Liechtenstein expected bookmakers believe the favorites owners, we are propose to bet on Liechtenstein handicap (+4.5)

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