Football betting. Picks and bets on Serbia – Ireland match. 2016.09.05

Football betting. Picks and bets on Serbia – Ireland match. 2016.09.05
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History of Serbia confrontation – Ireland began in the middle of the last century, when both teams began their participation in EUROPE: World Championship. The next battle between the football clubs will be held 05 th September 2016. The players will be on the field at 21:45 Moscow time, but easy this match will not be, because they have to play in difficult weather conditions, as the past few days is heavy rain, so that the lawn will be very viscous. In his last meeting of the strongest teams defined only in a penalty shootout, so that this time the players will again fight to the end.

In the match Serbia – Ireland bookmakers coefficients are not surprised and offered to bet on a home win at 1.85, the guests – 3.7. And the probability of a draw outcome of the meeting appreciated – 3.5.

This match for FC Serbia will not be easy, because they meet with the winner of last year’s championship, which is able to obgryvat opponent, both at home and away. But the hosts have a chance to win, because the team came a new striker, who is known in the world of football for his accurate strikes, he was able to quickly play with the basic composition of the team and, during the season, scored several victories scored. As good as a team and show themselves to protect players who are trying to cover the opposing team’s attackers, preventing them from breaking through to their gates. Moreover, the audience in the stands will provide maximum support to the owners, who simply need to survive in this game, and try to score the winning goal.

FC Ireland at the end of the season completely lost motivation as significant changes in the standings and will not be higher than the one-line team will not turn up. Homes Ireland still trying to play well in order not to embarrass myself in front of the fans, but on the road the players did not try, so do not be surprised if the coach will bring this part of the game reserve and youth team players. The guests will play open football, playing mainly on the attack and not particularly thinking about the protection of their own goal.

Bet on the total yellow cards analysts are motivated primarily the final arbiter of person who does not regret “yellow card” and in his games are always punished by not very grave violations.

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