Football betting. Picks and bets on San Marino – Azerbaijan match. 2016.09.04

Football betting. Picks and bets on San Marino – Azerbaijan match. 2016.09.04
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Let’s try to understand today that bet on San Marino – Azerbaijan. The match, which will be played today.
Selected to the recent European Championships, both teams could not now draw brought them in the same group selection 2018. Whether Azerbaijan will be possible to start the tournament with a confident victory over the football dwarf?

2018. Qualifying stage. Europe. Group C of San Marino – Azerbaijan
09.04.2016 19:00

San Marino

Despite the conventional wisdom that in Europe almost no weak teams, namely San Marino sees the main outsider of all the major competitions. For example in the last selection for Euro-2016 San marintsam managed to score only one point in 10 matches for the home draw with Estonia and goal difference was catastrophic 1:36. After that, only one team held a friendly match, in which Croatia lost to dry with a difference of 10 goals.


Azerbaijan is one of the leading football powers are also not included and has never in its history were not selected in the party of big tournaments. Last selection brought the team six points in the group with Italy, Croatia, Norway, Bulgaria and Malta, the only victory was not difficult to guess on the Maltese House (2: 0), with them also was played one of the three draws staff. Also on the road were only score points with Norway (0: 0). Friendlies Game Azerbaijan spent a lot of – a victory with Moldova (2: 1), a draw against Andorra (0: 0) and Canada (1: 1), losses of Macedonia (1:13) and Kazakhstan (0: 1).


Definitely, that Azerbaijan is the favorite in this pair, too already unconvincing play amateurs from San Marino, the backbone of the team, Robert Prosinecki Player “Karabakh” and “Gabala”, seasoned in the European Cup battles, plus the right to speak for Azerbaijan got the Russians Ramil Sheydayev and Makhmudov, a well familiar from the games for the junior. We believe that the victory should not have any particular problems accrue to guests, but wait for a serious defeat is hard enough, let alone to score more than three goals would be very difficult for Azerbaijan-game San marintsev certainly be built on a massive defense.
Prediction: Azerbaijan will win with UNDER3,5

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