Football betting. Picks and bets on Israel – Italy match. 2016.09.05

Football betting. Picks and bets on Israel – Italy match. 2016.09.05
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Let’s consider match and picks and bets on Israel – Italy. September 5 will pass a crucial football match between teams of Israel and Italy, which will be decided their fate in the tournament. This match will begin at 21:45 Moscow time, and the team will try to give everything clearly in full, because of the result of so much depends. At the last meeting of these clubs have won a landslide victory home, but only the last ten-person team meeting, Israel has managed to win only twice, when the guests had seven victories.

The match Israel – Italy bookmakers put quite expectedly 2.27 to win the owner’s club. Guests winning probability is estimated quotation 3.2, and a draw ratio is 3.1.

FC Israel started the season good, it was promoted, that hosts mostly played or weaker or equal rivals. This time, they will have to hold the match with a strong team that plays well both at home and away. Therefore, players need to gather the team of Israel, and to demonstrate not only fast attack the opponent’s goal, but also a strong defense of its own, that they are at low level. Often, he saved the team from defeat professional goalkeeper, who is also the captain of the team, but this time, he will not play, because he could not heal resulting in the injury of the last game.

At present, Italy remains quite high in the standings and has a better chance of getting into the European Cups. The gap between them is not so great, so the team in the remaining matches need to score points, and it is quite possible, as in the main matches are coming from weaker rivals. Italy team to lose points, even in away games is not used, so that at least a draw the team can count on. In addition, today Italy is in strong form, because in the last five matches had only one defeat, but the leader and four wins.

Israel and Italy are struggling to survive, so this match will be a great heat of passion and can say unequivocally that in this game should be the removal. Experts are going to put on the fact that the referee will show a red card.

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