Football betting. Picks and bets on France – Romania match. 2016.06.10

Football betting. Picks and bets on France – Romania match. 2016.06.10
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Football betting. Picks and bets on France – Romania match. 2016.06.10.

Friday kicks off the most anticipated football event of the year 2016 – the European Championship in France, and we certainly can not ignore the attention sports betting in the tournament. The first fight, which will take bets bookmakers, will be the opening match of the championship. It hosts the French Forum will try to prove the validity of his claim to the title in a fight with a strong team of Romania.

“Gallic roosters” come to the next continental forum one of the strongest of his compositions in the past few years, which successfully combines the experience of the recognized leaders of the French national team with young blood, which is represented by players such as Ding, Kant, Coman, Martial. Under the leadership of Didier Deschamps French plan to interrupt a series of unsuccessful performances at major international tournaments, and bookmakers believe in them, giving the lowest coefficient of just on the hosts victory in the Euro – 4.0. Meanwhile, the French team did not play in official matches for the past two years, content sparring in preparation for the Euro. While sparring partners team chose with taste: Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Germany, England, Brazil – thus, on the eve of Euro wards Deschamps some training with almost all the strongest teams in the world. And now for the “Gallic rooster” the time has come to prove that they dubbed the favorites for a reason.

Rival team of France in the opening match will be the Romanian national team, which won only half of their matches in the selection, won second place in the not the most difficult group, but never lost and conceded just 2 goals. At the same time Romania is one of the most controversial teams from all of the participants of the European championship: for all the progress that wards Angela Yordenesku demonstrated in the selection, before the actual championship they showed not the best game. Especially with regard to the defense – the strongest link of this team, among other things. So, what do we bet in the match-opening? The last meeting between these teams took place in 2011, the year, and then the head of the team is not scored. Since then, both teams have gone through a generational change, gain experience and become much stronger, but France is still the favorite of confrontation. Almost all the leading players of the team of Didier Deschamps did not participate in the finals of the European cup, and therefore had plenty of time to rest and gain strength, and therefore we believe that in the opening match of the owners get an easy victory. But he opening match is unlikely to be too effective, as is usually the case in major tournaments.
Our predictions for the match France – Romania: France (-1), UNDER 2.5.

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