Football betting. Picks and bets on Finland – Kosovo match. 2016.09.05

Football betting. Picks and bets on Finland – Kosovo match. 2016.09.05
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Let’s see picks and bets on Finland – Kosovo match. Finland has only three days to prepare for the match against FC Kosovo, because the game is scheduled for September 5, and the whistle of her early sound at 21:45 GMT. Due to the busy schedule hosts is not as easy to devote time also this tournament as EUROPE: World Championship. As part of the league teams have played four times, and each team scored two victories. It is worth noting that the winner is the team that played at home.

Since the match Finland – Kosovo playing equally strong teams, bookmakers on the outcome of the event offered a draw ratio of 3.1 and 2.65 for the victory of guests who, for unknown reasons, much higher than the 2.8 – in the home win ratio.

In the last two games the team Finland is very easy to cut with their rivals, chop them in the gate five unanswered goals. But do not forget that they were outsiders tournament, staying at the bottom of the table and is now experiencing hard times. In this match, the opponent will be much stronger, so that Finland will come out on the field the most powerful compound that can skomplektovat head coach, despite the injury of central defender and a suspension of one player midfield. The defense of the hosts do not always play as reliable as might be desired, and with the implementation of the scoring chances the team is not going smoothly.

Fans of FC Kosovo have become accustomed to their team does not show an exciting game, because guests prefer passive football when the team most of the players are to be protected, and rarely help attackers gain the victory and the team climb up the standings. Coach Kosovo team chose such tactics of the game, not to depart from the championship, and somehow gain a foothold in the standings, because his team is still young and is only the second year of participating in the championship. Guests so far managed to beat outsiders, and to play a draw against stronger opponents, but on account of the teams there and defeat.

Finland is a very offensive team, so that no matter how strong was not a defense of the opponent, the hosts ever be able to overcome it. At this time, experts are hoping that strikers will score at least two goals, so suggest a bet on individual total over the hosts.

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