Football betting. Picks and bets on Cyprus – Belgium match. 2016.09.06

Football betting. Picks and bets on Cyprus – Belgium match. 2016.09.06
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Let’s see our picks and bets on Cyprus – Belgium match.
History repeats itself: Belgium is coming to Nicosia exactly one year later. Then on September 6, 2015, the Belgians with great difficulty overcame Cypriots within the qualification for the Euro 2016. The only goal was scored in the 86th minute (0:1). Just a few minutes is not enough for Cyprus to take away points from the giants.

Generally, the Cypriots in their walls very uncompromising. The role in this play and the excellent support of the fans, and very hot weather. Who Cyprus 30-35 degrees in the daytime, in the evening the temperature drops below 30, but is still very hot. The owners do not get used to this heat can not be said about the Belgians.

So, in the previous qualifying round of Cyprus kept +1.5 handicap in all 5 home games. Wales, another top contender, also jumped on the island – the only goal of Bale scored a 82 th minute. Bosnia lost is 2:1, but pulled out a victory 2:3. However, there were no major injuries. Earlier, in the selection for the 2014 World Cup, the Cypriots defeated in his field, Iceland (1:0), took away points from Switzerland (0:0) and Albania (0:0). The Norwegians have taken away from this heavy victory (up to the 80th minute the score was 1:1). In short, come to Cyprus and defeat the local team of few people can. On the contrary, Cypriots always give a solid fight and not allow themselves to be easy to beat.

Excellence Belgium in class is obvious, but it did not help win a major victory here a year ago. In addition, in the current star configuration Belgians could not win through -1.5 in Israel, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Armenia.

The Belgians have changed coach, but the debut match when Martinez was lost to Spain 0: 2. The defeat of the remarkable fact that was the first home for 3 years. Bad sign for the fans of the national team of Belgium.

As always in the top competitions, favorite overestimate due to high-profile names. Cyprus will fight. Forecast: +1.5 on the hosts.

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