Football betting. Picks and bets on Costa Rica – Panama match. 2016.09.06

Football betting. Picks and bets on Costa Rica – Panama match. 2016.09.06
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Best bookies are propose best Picks and bets on Costa Rica – Panama match. In Group B CONCACAF zone match between Costa Rica and Panama will be the key in terms of fighting for the first place. So far, the chances are higher among Costa Ricans. Whether guests will be able to beat the competitor in their field?

Football. Qualifying match. 2018. Costa Rica – Panama
September 7, 2016, 4:30 GMT

Costa Rica

Costa Rica before the final round takes the first place. On the team account four victories: over Haiti twice with a score of 1:0 at home over Jamaica 3:0 and away over the future rival of Panama 2:1, as well as a draw away to Jamaica 1:1. As a result, it has brought Costa Rica thirteen points and first place. In summer, the team played in the Copa America, but not out of the group, finishing in third place. If we consider all the matches of Costa Rica in 2016, the team lost only once in the official matches. Just in time for the America’s Cup the US team 0:4.


Panama is going on the second place. The team scored 10 points, and a win in this match with two goals can oust Costa Ricans from the first position. Panama’s national team also played in the Copa America, and also completed their performances in the group stage.


Both teams have already secured access to the group. Even in case of defeat Panama remain inaccessible to Jamaica, since the distance between the rivals are now six points. So motivation, with the exception of the fight for the first place, have no rivals. Therefore, one can expect effective football goals and from both sides.
Prediction: Both teams will score

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