Football betting. Picks and bets on Andorra – Latvia match. 2016.09.06

Football betting. Picks and bets on Andorra – Latvia match. 2016.09.06
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Let’s think about picks and bets on Andorra – Latvia match. Today, September 6 qualifying Group B match held Andorra – Latvia.


About football in these microstates like Andorra, can not speak. There are playing lovers, for whom the game of football for the national team – a pleasure, and the result is not particularly a problem dominates them. Analyze statistics matches the national team is no special meaning, we note only that the team became less flowing, so in the upcoming game with the Latvian team to rely on what is broken too high total is hardly worth it.


The Latvian national team in the European and global qualifiers always tries as you can. Stars from the sky team never enough – but in its composition, and there is no one to do it – but “their” points are always trying to take. In the previous selection for the Euro – 2016, Latvians ranked last in the group, gaining five points, moreover they failed to win a single match (five draws and five defeats).

But then the team conducted a series of freight trains, and from five matches was able to win in three with two draws. Opponents Latvians were not all that well – for example, Gibraltar – but to gain command of psychological certainty that this is the most, and for the victory over Andorra skill in the Latvian national team should be enough.

Make a bet on the match Andorra – Latvia September 6
According to experts, the favorite in the match Andorra – Latvia is the national team of Latvia. Odds for victory in Latvia is 1.33, draw 4.85 and 10.50 to win in Andorra.

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