Football betting. Picks and bets on Albania – Macedonia match. 2016.09.05

Football betting. Picks and bets on Albania – Macedonia match. 2016.09.05
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Let’s see pick and bets on Albania – Macedonia. Balkan derby – it is always interesting. And fight in Tirana should not be an exception. Today’s owners has increased, probably the most successful in the history of a generation. Albanians are very worthy made at the European Championship in France. Guests such successes are still only a dream, but it is obvious that in this game they will not even play, and beat on the field.

We can not say that the Albanian national team suddenly became giants of European football, but due to FIFA c experiment expanded list of participants still managed to get through to the last European forum and demonstrate meaningful football in France. In the camp of “Mountain Eagle” no players star status, and merit a decent performance at Euro 2016 behind the steering team of Gianni De Byazi. He leads the team “red-black” for five years, and during that time managed to put together a team of mediocre team currently playing in the best Italian tradition. Therefore, the invitation of the leading defenders Elseyda Hyusaya and Frederic Veseli clubs in Serie A, one not particularly surprised.

Macedonia remains a team player, Goran Pandev. Of course, there are now Elijah Nestorovski Nicola Giorgi and Ezgiyan Alioski, but they still have a long way to achieve the status and level of their captain. Yes, and all Macedonian talents – especially attacking players. Therefore, in the defense of the collective Tomislav Pachovskogo always, if not a thoroughfare, something close to it state of affairs. In the last qualifying group missed only less Macedonia, Luxembourg, but even with a monstrous goal difference and goals scored, a team of the Grand Duchy was able to overtake them in the standings! Therefore, to say that things have “red lion” in the past few years are not the best way – is to say nothing. Football in Macedonia in crisis, and their appearance in many regard the group as a guaranteed six points.

Conclusion: Albania used to act on the second number, but it is unlikely such a focus will be held at home against Macedonia. As you know, among the countries in the Balkans are always ambiguous relationship. Especially between Muslims and Christians. Therefore, the “red-black” will have to go forward and to attack. And with such a scenario can not be ruled out that the goal of his unforgettable score Goran Pandev, who already let and not so fast, but the standard provisions performs at the highest level.

Prediction: UNDER (2)

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