Football betting. Europa League betting. Bets on Dortmund – Odd match. 2015.08.28

Football betting. Europa League betting. Bets on Dortmund – Odd match. 2015.08.28
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Guingamp – Marseille

Guingamp as part of the 4th round will meet at home with Marseille. It should be noted that both teams have started the season very poorly. In order to understand where to bet on football, and most importantly on the outcome of coca in this game, you are presenting a small preview of the upcoming match.

Guingamp - Marseille bettingGuingamp, a team that last season went to the elite division Fantsii. His debut season Guingamp spent quite well, not only on the domestic scene, but also on evroarene. The team advanced to the playoffs the Europa League and ended the season in mid-table in League 1. Moreover, a fairly large segment of the tournament Guingamp fought for a place in European competition. But the current season started very bad. The team lost three opening match. At the same time she failed to score a single goal, and the goal difference is now 0: 5. Match Guingamp lost the last round, losing on the road Bastia. In that match the double scored Palmeri, in the first half, scored twice in the goal. Guingamp is finished off Coulibaly, who set the final score 90 minutes into the match 3: 0 in favor of Bastia.

bets on Guingamp - MarseilleAs for the guests, then Marseille comes to the status of a conditional favorite. Betting on the French actually very tricky, especially at the start of the tournament. Once again, it proved Marseille, which has lost many BETTER. The first two matches the team lost, lost Kanu and Reims with the same score 0: 1. The match of the last round to win. Marseille played at home against the Cubs League 1, Troyes. Score 6: 0 completely reflect what happened in the match. Marseille completely outplayed freshman, without giving him a chance to ensure that at least something to counter his opponent. In the match of the double distinguished Bachuay also scored a goal Barrado, diarrhea, and Alessandrini Ocampos. Marseille is really enchanting held that meeting, fully reversing the impression formed on the team after the first two matches. It should be noted that in the year before the match Troyes played draw with Nice, a team that is not the first year playing in the elite division of France.

The upcoming match for Guingamp is of particular importance. In case of defeat, the team can seriously lag behind their rivals. On the other hand, betting on football in this game is more than obvious, at least when drawing conclusions based on the last round: Guingamp – Marseille – Marseille to win – our bet.

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