Football betting. Bets on Rostov – Kuban Krasnodar match. 2015.09.28

Football betting. Bets on Rostov – Kuban Krasnodar match. 2015.09.28
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We welcome the guests of our portal. Today we will help you to make successful bets on the Russian Premier League. And as a review, we decided to take today’s match between the “Rostov” and “Kuban”. Before the advent of the horizon of the national football “Krasnodar”, this match was considered the main “southern derby.” But even now not lost its sharpness and peppercorns. Read our forecast and make the right bets on football.

After appearing in “Rostov” Kurban Berdyev club perk. After 9 rounds in the asset “yellow-blue” score of 15 and 5 position, which is a great result for the team, which has maintained a residence in the elite at the end of the play-offs. In the match of the last round of Rostov took in his field “Anji”, and managed to win with a minimum score. Already at 7 minutes Mogilevets Paul scored, as it turned out, the winning goal. The team Berdyev was in his element, but we must pay tribute Makhachkala residents. In a number of episodes in order to level the score of their attackers simply did not have luck. It should be noted and dedicated game Navas and Bastos. But overall victory “Rostov” was deserved. But the trouble came from not waiting. According to the information which the club has serious financial debt to players and employees of the club, but “Kuban” is in blzkoy situation, so the quotes and rates one should not be fooled. “Rostov” – a favorite.

Only in the last round “Kuban” was able to win the first victory. But what! Sergei Tashuev team in his field defeated “Spartacus” Moscow with a score of 3:0! 9 minutes by Arsene opened Khubulov, irresistibly struck immediately after drawing a free kick. After 36 minutes Lorenzo Melgarejo, Rebrov ran off with one on one, easily and gracefully threw the ball over keeper “red-white”. In the future, “Kuban” was not just to bring the score to a large, but score a third “green-yellow” was only at the very end of normal time. 5 minutes before the final whistle Vladislav Ignatiev still managed a third time to hit the gate Moscovites. The victory turned the sign, and now the fans “Kuban” with optimism looking forward.

As noted above, the bookmakers estimate the chances of the host team for the success of the above. But we can expect from this game of surprises, as for the teams and fans this match is of fundamental importance. Teams will approach the match in the best shape because Cups battles both the team held second team. We advise you to bet on the victory of Rostov. Kurban Berdyev, talking about financial problems, noted that all the people working at the club – professionals. A “growth” now looks much more “Kuban”. Therefore, as a bet on football, we take the victory “Rostov”.

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