Football betting. Bets on Granada – Eibar match. 2015.08.24

Football betting. Bets on Granada – Eibar match. 2015.08.24
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Granada – Eibar

1st round in the Spanish La Liga is closed by Granada – Eibar match. Both teams were not stable last season and Eibar did not left Premiera by two amazing games. If you are looking where to bet on football and really want to risk it, we invite you to consider, as an option, that this duel.

Granada - Eibar betsThe home team, of Granada, once again last season confirmed his reputation: the struggle for survival. One gets the impression that the team really brings pleasure to such a development. On the other hand, if the fans no reason to rejoice and experience in the fight for the championship, then they should at least pleasure for the dramatic rescue. Last season, for example, the team took the 17th place, ahead of the relegation zone by only 3 points, and given the fact that the fly had to Eibar, the red and white were saved only by a better indicator of goals scored and goals. In the offseason, Granada were missing seven players who for various reasons have left the club. As for the visitors, their number corresponding to – seven. Thus the owners of the upcoming fight is completely leveled space. As for the pre-season, during her team spent a lot of sparring, having produced 3 wins, 3 times and lost one time played a draw.

Granada - Eibar bettingAs for Eibar, for him this season will be held under the motto “take a chance”. Eibar took 18th place, thus settling in the red zone. But due to the fact that Elche was created a difficult financial situation, it has left the club by example, and Eibar won the right to salvation. Spring and training team consisted of 10 matches: 4 defeats, 3 draws and 3 wins. During this short vacation guide the club decided to part with 9 players. However, in return, he rented Eibar 10 players by signing a free agent. Note that in the last season, the team acted roughly on the same principle. In general, Eibar last championship held fairly well, but in the middle of the tournament began to decline, which was accompanied by a protracted series of defeats.

Betting on football in this match – a question for fans of statistics. Really very hard to imagine the outcome. However, focusing on the results of last season, as well as in pre-season, bet on the championship of Spain in this match, we consider this: Granada – Eibar – Granada to win

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