Bets on sport: The breakeven point

Bets on sport: The breakeven point
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Bets on sport: The breakeven point

Everyone came across the term “a breakeven point” during his life. If we are talking about the game this is neither more nor less than a guessing process which allows not losing. Everybody deals with breakeven at Math lessons, and growing at some other disciplines in higher education institute.

Let us analyze how the breakeven point can influence the result in sports betting. All the newcomer bettors must understand what the breakeven point means and not to overrun this value. Only those bettors who will manage to maintain the breakeven level will be able to jump to a completely new level, which will provide new possibilities to earn money.

Bets on sport: The breakeven pointFar from everybody can make boast of that he or she has managed to maintain the breakeven point and not to go into the red. According to the statistics little more than 3% of all the bettors throughout the world succeed it. These punters are the betting elite. It is not enough for them to divine a half of bets to keep the status of best bettors. It will also lead to the loss result. A profit margin charging by bookmakers for their operation must be certainly considered. Thus a bettor faces the task which demands the guessing in no less than 54% of bets to reach the breakeven point. This index is not accidental. Its calculation reckons in 50% of the guessing of outcomes to save the monetary funds and 4% which must be extra nicked due to average 8-10% of a profit margin. By no means everyone can shoulder such a mission.

Sports bets have become a type of income for a lot of

people long ago. There appear new game strategies allowing bettors to maintain the completely new level to make the earnings higher and to minimize the risk. The distinct observing of the rules settled in the strategy is a key requirement in every game program.

The selection of a right bet is the heart of every strategy. In most cases people choose either the appropriate amount to which a bettor adheres during a particular period of time, or defined interest of the bankroll is taken.

The breakeven pointInexperienced bettors often make mistakes in bets what causes the full loss of the bank. This category of bettors tears around different sizes of bets trying to increase their capital or to turn over the lost bet. Independent from the strategy in use everybody must realize when to stop the game and when to continue it to obtain positive bets result and to save the breakeven. The percentage of wins directly depends on the percentage of guessing. Retracing a bettor activity during a certain period of time it becomes clear when a zero value arrives (a bettor has his/her own money) and when he/she starts to make money.

Every new bet must be registered to systematically get profit. Statistical estimation of safe and bad bets allows determining the breakeven point and concluding when a bettor is collecting the highest profit by bets.

breakeven pointIt will be interesting for bettors that to get a profit and to stay up is easier playing the percentage from the bankroll as the practice indicates. If we base on the odd 1.9 and follow it during appropriate period of time, we will see the natural difference pointing at that even unlucky season a bettor will divine little more than 30% from all the bets playing the percentage from the bankroll in will allow him not to lose all the money. That is unlikely if we are talking about fixed bets. Banking on the same bets and absorbing losses we can spend a few bankrolls.

It must be mentioned once more that bettors must have specific experience to hold the breakeven point. And it takes some time to gain this experience. A determined system which allows you to stay afloat and raise some revenues on bets must be developed to learn the game without losses.

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